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Rumsfeld on the London attack

This is Donald Rumsfeld’s statement on the terrorist attacks in London. Some lines:

Though it is not yet known with certainty precisely who is responsible, we do know terrorists’ intentions. They strike without warning and without regard for human life in the hope that they can frighten and intimidate free people -- to change our way of life. And they won’t stop until their side or our side has prevailed.

But if these terrorists thought they could intimidate the people of a great nation, they picked the wrong people and the wrong nation. For generations, tyrants, fascists, and terrorists have sought to carry out their violent designs upon the British people only to founder upon its unrelenting shores.

Before long, I suspect that those responsible for these acts will encounter British steel. Their kind of steel has an uncommon strength. It does not bend or break.

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To All:

I just posted this comment at Jihad-Watch on the tragedy in London this morning.

Please feel free to post or refer to your friends.

It’s time to suck it up and win this war:


[God of your choosing or not of course]

I think Rumsfeld’s British steel reference was ill-timed, seeing that the terrorists did just succeed in bending and breaking a lot of British steel - the descriptions of the bus explosion, especially, come to mind.

Ben...he was talking about the unbendable will of the British people. Your sarcasm is in very poor taste...perhaps you should return to the Daily Kos.

Well said Dain. Images of Churchill marching down the middle of a bombed-out London street come to mind...
I believe this will a big wake-up call to our cousins across the sea.

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