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She Turned Me Into a Newt!!

Don’t miss John Tierney in the New York Times today, writing on the non-scandal of the whole Plame Game.

Tierney gets bonus points for making reference to the best movie ever, Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

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Steven, I must say I’m surprised at you, and maybe a little dissapointed, too. Those Monty Python films are known to be favorites among liberals, and they’re hardly respectful of Christianity and Christian moral values. I have as much a sense of humor as the next guy (I have most episodes of "Home Improvement" on video), but those films are well past irreverend.

The reference was partly tongue-in-cheek since the movie has become such an unlikely cultural icon, though I would draw some distinction between Grail, whose blasphemies were fairly mild, and Life of Brian, where they got completely out of hand (though I still show the "What have the Romans ever done for us?" scene to students as an illustration of political extremism).

One of the best articles I have seen on "Nadagate". I love how he points out everything that didn’t happen, and at the same time fries Jim Wilson for the obvious political hack that he is. Brilliant column

It’s a great article, and the Python reference is wonderful. Mack, there are lots of conservatives who aren’t thin-lipped Puritans. I for one think God can take a little joke (although I agree that Life of Brian went beyond the pale).

The crowd would seem to fit in nicely as members of the "Knights who go Nnnnnn"

Great movie.

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