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Louisiana Politics, Updated

A few commentors were somehow offended by this post, in which I speculated that the long-term political fallout from Katrina would work against Democrats rather than Republicans.

Here’s the Wall Street Journal today:

"Sen, Landrieu, in the spotlight now, could find margins squeezed if thousands of Democratic-leaning African-Americans don’t return by her 2008 re-election. Louisiana political analyst John Maginnis says state could even lose one of seven House seats in the next redistricting."

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And does the WSJ think that the many thousands of white voters in St. Bernard, St. Tammany, Plaquemines and other suburban New Orleans parishes will continue to vote for an incompetently led Republican Party?
The whole Landrieu family was out in boats to help--but the Bush family was not. Just because the media concentrated (to their advantage) on black homeless in New Orleans, rather stupidly forgets about the thousands on thousands of white people devastated by Katrina and by national
government inaction.

Are you high?! Landrieu did nothing other than threaten to punch the President, something she perhaps should have reserved for the corrupt and incompetent mayor and even more corrupt and incompetent governor. And if you had bothered to ready the news at all this week, you would have seen that Landrieu personally diverted hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funds that were intended for NO’s levies into her own pork projects by attaching riders to war-related bills. Yeah, she is going to do really well come election time. Give me a break. She’s lucky no one has punched her out yet.

Um, . . ., yes it is a bit hard to see how suburban voters will take it out on Republicans for a state of affairs that resulted from 60 years of uninterrupted Democratic Party rule in NO and LA.

The key is whether the people who don’t return to Louisiana are still allowed to vote there, legally or illegally. The GOP will need a full
... suit of armor ... to prevent this.

Charles F. Burke: Before you hit the "Add" button, did you pause for an instant to ask whether the Bush family lives in or anywhere near New Orleans? The Landrieus are an extended clan long known in local politics down there (the senator’s father was mayor of NOLA some decades ago). God bless them for helping out with their boats, but to use them as a club with which to pound on the Bushes is weird. There may well be grounds on which President Bush can be criticized (hint: FEMA appointments), but what you’re coming up with here is just spiteful and silly, in about equal measures.

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