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Penguins as Political Symbols??

Apparently, the surprise smash hit documentary film March of the Penguins is a conservative movie. So says today’s New York Times. I recall the old saying "the personal is political," but this is getting ridiculous.

For the record, I found the film, while spectacular in its production values and camera work, a tad slow and slightly boring.

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I found this passage interesting:

Likewise, the only allusion to evolution in "March of the Penguins" is a line near the beginning, intoned in the English-language version by the narrator, Morgan Freeman: "For millions of years they have made their home on the darkest, driest, windiest and coldest continent on earth. And they’ve done so pretty much alone."

How in the world is that an "allusion to evolution"?


I think that is an allusion to evolution because people who disagree with evolution generally think the Earth and all life on it is 5000 or so years old. Stating that penguins have been around for millions of year would they evolved. You are correct that there is no necessity that they evolve in order to exist for millions of years.

Oops, insert a implies and delete the would in the 3rd line.

Eh, conservatives liked Forest Gump as fact, I think conservatives like lots of movies simply because they don’t offend them (sad, I know). Films are a form of art, and so different people see different reflections of "reality." The Times needs to switch to decaf.

Steve Sparks: It is not correct, I think, to say that people who disagree with evolution think the world is only 5,000 or 6,000 years old. Some fundamentalists do, true, but none of the intelligent design people, the most serious critics of evolution, believe that view, and as such would have no problem with that line in the movie. (I.e., the intelligent design people readily accept geological and radiological [carbon dating] science about the age of the Earth.) So I’m with John Moser--that was one obscure line in the NYT story. Trying to stretch a thin tissue, I think.

Conservatives liked Forest Gump because it helped to elevate the status, and to romanticize "gumpism." Who needs to think, or to worry, when friendly old Forest Gump can be such a success? Two hundred years ago, the same people would have enjoyed stories that discouraged slaves from running away.

Well, Lt. Dan...haven’t had your hurricane catharsis yet, I see. If you think conservatives enjoy "mindlessness," then you haven’t met many conservatives.

Speaking for myself and other conservatives I know, we liked Forest Gump because of its gritty portrayal of 1) human nature, 2) the anti-war movement, and 3) the sick violence and then utter nihilism of the "me generation" post-1960s -- all woven with great humor. We also enjoyed the focus on community and the life-affirming conclusion of the film.

Now, Dan, go make peace with God...such bitterness is not becoming of an ex-military man.

Is Forest Gump a movie that is only loved by conservatives? Wasn’t it one of the biggest movies ever? Your bizarre statement seems misplaced, Lt. Dan.

Might as well clear this up now... Do the intelligent design folks believe in God-directed evolution? I thought when ID first started making waves most of the propenents favored an idea of God-directed evolution but now that ID has gained some more support a lot of differing opinions has jumped on the band-wagon. I was just wondering if anyone could clear things up for me and let me know what the general consensus was on ID.

To Andrew B:

I don’t know that much about I.D., but go look for the Discovery Institute’s website; they are the leading people on this, and I’m sure you’ll find out stuff there.

To Ohio voter: Yes, I am sure a lot of non-conservatives liked Forrest Gump, but I do recall distinctly that conservatives especially raved about it for some of the reasons Dain mentioned, and, more importantly, I also distinctly recall severe criticism from the Left. So there.

Okay Steve, I guess I was wrong. I thought that the movie’s status as the highest grossing film of the year (and a similar performance internationally)indicated viewership among a broad political spectrum. Your apparent recollection that some left-wing hacks didn’t like the movie, combined with the fact that Dain did like the movie, disproves my theory and confirms that conservatives like the movie because of "gumpism."

More likely, "Lt. Dan" is just an angry little man and your efforts to defend his incoherent ranting are misguided.

OV, I don’t think Steve’s post was supporting "Lt. Dan," nor do I see it as critizing you. He did say "I am sure a lot of non-conservatives liked Forrest Gump." Geez, everyone’s so touchy lately (including me!).

Dear Ohio Voter- Sure, everybody liked the movie -- but not for the same reasons! I liked the performances, and other people liked seeing a "slow" guy imitate Horatio Alger. And I bet you wouldn’t call me a litte man if I still had both my legs! That was a cheap shot.

Lt Dan: If you you’re looking for a good place to check for humor, check in here at NLT once in awhile. It’s a great place for laughs and entertainment. And little Daino is guaranteed never to let you down.

Thanks. I’ll give it a try.

Oh shut up! Posting the same advertisement on every thread shows the depth of your endoctrination and ideological mindlessness. You actually hurt your "cause" by doing this.

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