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Shameless Self-Promo Alert

My newest book, Greatness: Reagan, Churchill and the Making og Extraordinary Leaders goes on sale today at fine bookstores everywhere.

I'll be speaking about the book at the Ashbrook Center on November 10. Hope to see you all there.

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Steve: I read your book! It is terrific. Sell many copies, buy a yacht (or a bike), live long. Well done.

Is this the sequel to the Age of Reagan, or is that still in the works? If so, do you have any idea when it’ll be published?

Rob: This book grew out of a runaway chapter in the second volume of The Age of Reagan, which is well under way. It is due out next year, though I am way behind schedule. (Too much blogging!!)


I already have a bike. Three of them, actually. I’ll have to think about the yacht. The way my house takes on water in the rain, it seems I already have a land yacht.

Steven- A heartfelt congratulations. As an academic, I admire your thoughtfulness and rigor, and appreciate the discipline that it takes to achieve what you have achieved.

As a leftie, I have to say this:

Your book is on my list of "must reads," and I will get to it after I read the following:

"Great Musicians: Mozart and the Captain & Tenille"

"Great Authors: Melville and Nicholas Sparks"

"Great Comedians:Jack Benny and Carrot Top"

Great Crooners: Sinatra and Roseanne"

"Great Presidential Inspirational Phrases: ’Ask Not what your country can do for you’ and ’Nucular power pants.’"

"Great Leading Ladies: Katherine Hepburn and Whoopie Goldberg"

Great Actors: Lawrence Olivier and Steve Guttenberg.

Seriously, Steve, congrats, and I will give it a read.

Actually Steve, sell lots of books and buy another LAND yacht!!! You deserve it, and it’ll teach those enviro-whackos a much-deserved lesson! Make sure it doesn’t get any better than 3 miles per gallon, and that it will only accept premium. You’re my main man, Steve-O, and I can’t wait to read your super-duper book!!! (That way I can save money on my Ambien prescription).

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