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The announcement of the next nominee comes at 8 a.m. EDT. AP says that it’s White House counsel Harriet Miers, about whom I know absolutely nothing. Here’s hoping that this is disinformation.

Update: It is Miers. I guess now that we have a "southwestern woman’s seat" on the Court. I’m disappointed but will keep an open mind.

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Doesn’t sound like disinformation.

Inexplicably, Bush may have just thrown his rather substantial base overboard.

Bush’s alcoholic brain is incapable of throwing anything without the orchestration of his puppet masters. As far as the "base" is concerned, most Americans have now caught on to the agenda of the neo-crazies and lunatics who have ruined the Republican party.

"neo-crazies", HDT?

Really - given "neo" is commonly known as shorthand for "Jews", is that really what you want to be suggesting .... from the anonymity of initials???

You reveal far more about yourself than you intend - part of which is (sorry to inform you, but someone must) that your side of the political debate is in the minority.

Wow, BD, that’s some zany paranoia ya got going there!! Funny, I always thought that "neo" was a scholarly-sounding prefix that simply meant "new; recent" (American Heritage Dict.), as in neologism (which I guess REALLY means "a JEWISH word, expression or usage," eh?) or neophyte (which I guess REALLY means "a Jewish convert" or "a beginner or novice Jew").

Oh, but let me guess, zany is a code word for "(Jewish) international bankers," right?

Wow! Please get a clue, BD.

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