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The Left on Miers

Kos loves watching the meltdown on the Right. He probably recognizes that that Miers is the best imaginable nominee for his side--not a forty- or fiftysomething, not an influential originalist/textualist scholar or judge, not a McConnell, Luttig, Estrada, Batchelder, or Brown.

I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that the hearings will focus on vain efforts to get her to articulate in detail a judicial philosophy and on efforts to tie her to every alleged Bush Administration misstep. The issue will be George W. Bush, and I wonder to what extent Republicans in the Senate will be enthusiastic about defending him.

Miers will likely be confirmed, with opponents citing a thin record and Bush’s alleged cronyism as reasons for their negative votes. But, I repeat, the principal focus of the public debate will be the Bush Administration, with Miers’s close ties to GWB as the point of entry.

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