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Born alive

This is pretty gruesome: The London Times reports that a "A government agency is launching an inquiry into doctors’ reports that up to 50 babies a year are born alive after botched National Health Service abortions." Abortion on demand is allowed in Britain up to 24 weeks — more than halfway through a normal pregnancy and the highest legal limit for such terminations in Europe.

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Gruesome, to be sure, but is it more gruesome than succeeding in killing the baby? If so, maybe Judge Haynsworth was right when he once declared that ’the right to an abortion implies the right to a successful abortion,’ and implied that in such a case, infanticide would be permissible (See Hadley Arkes’ book on the right to an abortion for Haynsworth’s gruesome idea.)

Born alive? How can that be - are they not only tissue which a woman may or may not choose to incubate to maturity? If they were not chosen by the mother, they are not alive, right? Perhaps Peter Singer could help the NHS out of their dilemma by advocating a post partive completion of the initial partial abortion.

I am waiting to hear that Fung fella chime in with some comment how it is just no big deal when we kill babies. I say that the "mothers’ (pregnant women) and the "doctors’ involved in this Holocaust be thrown in prison and the keys flushed down the crapper. Watch the abortion rates go down then!

Thank heavens someone is starting to care about the pre-born unborn. I can’t stand it when they make fusses about the post-born dead, like when they whine about why we don’t bother to count up their corpses, like we do these 50 here.

Once they’re born, they’re on their own. If they die then its their own damn fault. You know, I mean, don’t come whining to me about government-forced maternity.

There has to be SOME punishment for having sex, after all. Why shouldn’t the punishment be something alive you can throw against the wall when you feel pissed off? Hey?

Mother Mayi is just being a typical leftist smartass. He sandbags us...supposedly we CARE about abortion because it is a form of social control over women, but child neglect etc. doesn’t concern us. His evidence? Probably that conservatives refuse to fund some BS Federal program that SUPPOSEDLY solves the problem of unwanted children.

Let’s all hope that someday he pulls his head out of...well, you get the idea.

Somebody should throw Mother Mayi against the wall.

Ummm, I’m not sure that Mother Mayi is a leftist. Of course Dain tries to lump this person in with liberals because it’s a crazy, rambling post, but I really don’t know what he or she is even saying, exactly.

Phil, I think Dain hits this one on the head. Though she may not be a "leftist" in a broad categorical sense, her position here is within the "left" scope if Dain’s assessment is true. Note her language:

"pre-born unborn"

"post-born dead"

"government-forced maternity" (b/c, obviously, this is the government forcing us to live a way of life we had no control over!!!)

The idea that "reproduction rights" exist as more than a legislative one implies laws regulating abortion are "government-forced maternity".

Government-forced maternity?

Last time I checked, it takes a man and a woman to make a baby (at least that is what they told me in school... I don’t have any children of my own yet). Big Brother really doesn’t need to get involved.

I think "Mother Mayi" refers to Government-Forced Responsibility for Your Actions. Kind of like when a father has to pay child support. Or when you go to jail for a crime. There are consequences to actions. Nobody has a right to escape consequences (well, ignoring Roe for the moment).

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