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Racial discrimination

The Justice Department has accused Southern Illinois University of racial (anti-white) discrimination. It has to do with a scholarship program for women and minorities. Also see this. (via Instapundit)

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Yes, it’s high time that the government began to protect the rights of all people when it comes to college admissions and hiring. For far too long most universities have operated as a racial (and to a lesser extent) gender spoils system --quite shamelessly at times. I think this is very good news.

Yes, thank God! The horrible days in which we, the white men, have had our liberties so trampled upon are nearly over! Sweet justice cannot be too far off, I hope! A day when ALL little children have a chance to go to college... yes, even little white boys. Let’s all pray that this isn’t just limited to SIU!

Oppressed White Man:

You are silly. I was told I could not even apply for an internship last summer because the only first year law students the firm would hire were minorities. If you do not think this is wrong, you have no moral compass whatsoever.

On a more pessimestic note, why won’t the REPUBLICAN led Congress outlaw affirmative action? It could do so tomorrow if it wished. The Supreme Court had consistently said that affirmative action is Constitutional, but it has not said that affirmative action is a Constitutional right. If the 1964 Civil Rights At were constitutional, then any other act outlawing affirmative action would also be constitutional. I find it amazing that the Republican lead Congress has such a small and petty imagination. They will never be considered great unless they attempt to do great things.

So why didn’t you apply for the internship then, Mr. Sparks?

Wow, SIU can’t buy good news. I went there, I’m white and had have a feeling that this will be/is blown out of proportion.

Kyle what do you mean by your statement? ARe you saying your for that racial discrimintion?

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