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The Bush Administration and space aliens

Just when you thought you’d heard everything, there’s this: the Bush Administration is apparently seeking new frontiers for militarization, going out of its way to pick fights with space aliens. Guess they’re finally getting in front of the illegal alien issue.

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What’s so surprising about that? It’s well known that the Je... sorry, I mean the NEOCONS (wink, wink) who run American foreign policy have long espoused an anti-space-alien agenda. In fact, I read that the administration was behind that horrible anti-alien film "War of the Worlds."

Ha ha, Joe, that’s right- Hellyer certainly speaks for all of us liberals! I mean, if I didn’t know better, I’d think you and Power Line just pounced on a kooky comment and then tried to make it sound like, "Oh, those crazy liberals, what’ll they blame Bush for next?? First they say he stole the election (sour grapes!), then they say he’s an idiot (obviously not!), then they say he lied to start an illegal war (freedom isn’t free!), ha ha, and NOW they say he’s trying to fight space aliens!! Can ya believe it??"

But that’s CLEARLY not what you’re saying!

You tell ’em, Phil. Glad to find another American here who knows the truth about the NEOCONS and their efforts to drag us into another unnecessary intergalactic war. Live long and prosper, my friend!

Gerald, have you ever written a single comment that didn’t play up the whole Neocons = Jews thing? Whether you are serious or only posing as a liberal straw man, it’s annoying either way. It’s a one-trick pony ok? Let it rest now.

I get the message-stop talking about the Jews. From now on I’ll keep it quiet, just like the rest of you do.

Oh, I get it Gerald. So, libs & lefties critical of Neoconservatives are actually anti-semitic whether they know it or not? So, not ’fessing up is proof positive that we’re really guilty of being anti-semites, right? That’s quite an airtight theory you have there.

Are you talkin to me? Nosiree, I just love the Jews. No anti-semites here, by golly. It’s just them evil NEOCONS I don’t like.

Is that better?

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