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Congressional reading habits

Human Events Online talked to some members of Congress about books they’re reading. No Homer, no Plato, no Shakespeare, though many mentioned Scripture and Bob Bennett (R-Utah) mentioned Federalist #10. Biographies and autobiographies were high on people’s reading lists. Sam Brownback liked biographies of British abolitionist William Wilberforce, Jeff Flake (R-AZ) liked Barry Goldwater’s autobiography, and John Thune began with William Manchester’s magisterial biographies of Winston Churchill. Hillary Clinton couldn’t answer "on the fly"; guess her people needed to run a focus group first.

Hat tip: Katie Newmark.

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No Homer, no Plato, no Shakespeare

no surprise...

They have no time to think, or at any rate, they make no time to think. Politicians are interested in other politicians. But that’s better than nothing if the list includes the likes of Churchill.

I enjoyed Senator Clinton’s response:

“Oh I can’t answer that question on the fly like this... If you are trying to do a survey, or a study like that, why don’t you call my office and we’ll get back to you.”

Translation: Let my office do a poll, and then I will give you my answer.

Reminds me of her husband.

No Homer or Plato? Then they didn’t ask that octogenarian blowhard and former KKK man, Robert Byrd.

Sad to see Senator DeMint reading Thomas Friedman. Everytime I see Friedman, I think he could do a fine job of turning shallow quips on ESPN’s Sportscenter. Remember his stupid comment that no two countries with a McDonalds has ever gone to war with each other*? He is perfectly suited to be a political pundit, vapid and shallow.

* Serbia has had McDonalds since 1988. I seem to recall Serbia getting into a conflict with NATO a couple of years ago.

Clever tactic, Kevin. Contrive a twisted "translation" of a second-hand account of what she said when asked, and then compare it to something that, I’d bet, you can’t provide evidence her husband ever did.

Also, to Joe: if we use the Dubya definition of "focus group" - a few hundred thousand people - then yes, it might take her a while to get back to the intern at Human Events.

Wow, Chris L. You are pretty touchy.

I would prefer if Congressional representatives did not read Plato. Do not want them getting any ideas. They may read Locke as much as they like.

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