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Scary scenario

Niall Ferguson on the origins of the "Great War of 2007."

Hat tip: The Corner.

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My scenario would have the mullah’s launching a Red Chinese style attack, ala 1950 Korea, into Iraq sometime late in 2006. The mullah’s will count on Iraqi Shiite’s to rise up against the elected government and US forces there.

Our response? Hard to predict. We can withdraw or respond with nukes (we would be totally outnumbered manpower wise). Let us not forget that the Iranians had no conscience about sacrificing thousands in mass charges against the Iraqi’s in their war during the 1980’s.

A nuclear Iran is a horrifying prospect; I do not understand why this is not the lead story in every paper and every newscast. No other power with nukes has employed decades of rhetoric suggesting they are eager to launch them.

Why it is not the lead story?

Because it would detract from all the trivial crap the MSM likes to write about. Because it would remind the public that we need a strong leader, like Bush sometimes tries to be. Because it goes against the powerful myth of the virtuous Third World. Because it suggests the need for a military response. Because it reminds those who would like to forget that there is such a thing as the West, and that it must be defended.

Read James Burnham’s book "Suicide of the West" to get a fuller picture of this.

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