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The tears and the smiles

The extraordinarily shrill attempts to discredit Sam Alito as a racist, sexist, liar, etc., has not worked. The Dems are grasping. If you are a GOP partisan you just love Kennedy! It’s over. Alito is in. Do you doubt this? Well, that doubt should have left when Mrs. Alito left the room in tears.

The Dems’ chances of stopping this nomination walked out the door with her. That’s why she came back smiling.

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Three cheers for Sen. Arlen Specter for putting that gasbag from the "Peoples republik of taxachusetts" in his deserved place.

Judge Alito has more integrity in his left pinkie then Teddy boy in his entire besotted torso.

With these people, and with the stakes involved in filling the O’Connor seat, I wouldn’t declare victory until the floor vote is finished. And in any case, let’s make this more than a victory. Let’s, if we can, make it a rout. A painful one.

I think that, to prepare for the eventuality of continued Democratic attacks (in the form of questions, which apparently serve as weapons against Republicans) more wives should be prepared to cry on camera. Where is Mrs. DeLay? How about Mrs. Frist? What of the wives of all the Republicans who are soon to be named my Abramoff? Ladies, start up your engines! For some variety and believability, probably some should faint, or perhaps flutter a fan and say "Land sakes, aahh feel positively laaht headed! See how weak aahh am? How could I evah be trusted with the right to choose?"

For the record, my comment above is not to make fun of Mrs. Alito, but rather at the suddenly tender-hearted Republicans who are making political hay from her tears.

Actually, didn’t Mrs. Alito leave in tears during comments by Lindsay Graham?

Yes you are right Mr. Moser but she left during those comments because Senator Grham was summerizing the nasty words of the Democrats. This hurtful stuff should just be left out of the whole matter. Why can’t they ask the man there questions and be done with it without getting all nasty and mean and just totaly unproffesional, is what I’d like to know. No matter because he is getting confirmed wether the Democrats like it or not and the unborn will finaly stop being slaughtered by the millions each year.

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