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Gore at it again

Al Gore decries American treatment of Arabs post 9/11, according to this AP headline. He said bad and foolish things in the heart of Saudi Arabia. Shameful. My mind’s eye cannot see him as president. It would have been a debacle. Tigerhawk and Powerline have more.

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Dick Cheney ought to invite Al to go hunting with him.

Hmm, a debacle? You mean worse than what we have right now? If Gore HAD become president, Hal Holst would be getting a visit from the Secret Service for his nasty little remark.

Ah, don’t get your panties in a twist, Nancy.

So, you would like to see Al Gore shot, Mr. Holst? Was this your idea of a joke, or a real, sadistic fantasy of yours? Really awful.

Great, another sob sister. Who said anything about shooting him? I just thoguht they might enjoy a day of hunting together. Kelly and Phil might like to go along, too.

No thanks, frat boy- I don’t enjoy shooting animals. Anyway, this thread seems a little off-topic for you. I haven’t seen Mack Sandpaper commenting here, and that seems to be your only real interest(or should I say obsession?) on NLT.

Interestingly enough, this is a different Hal Holst.

Now how could you possibly know that, unless maybe you’re telling us that you are one of the two people posting as Hal Holst?

Listen, I’d smash your face, only you’re so skinny you’d probably dry up and blow away.

That man is the worst nuisance on the beach!

If Phil will call me, through my patented system of dynamic tension, in just six weeks he’ll have a new, manlier physique. And you can bet, bullies like Hal will think twice about kicking sand in Phil’s face!

Wow . . .

Just when I thought the "Plains ’Jawja’ Peanuthead (aka jimmie Carter)was becoming unhinged, why my goodness why good ol Al Bore er..Gore opens his yap to apologize for me(?) in front of an audience of House of Saud backstabbers.

All I can say is ............Thank God for the Electoral College. Can you imagine this character residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.?

Yes Hal, you’re very tough.

Whoever wrote comments 10 and 11- that’s pretty funny stuff.

Why don’t we steer this back towards the topic? Gore is telling the Arabs that the Bush administration is treating Arabs in America horribly. I don’t see anything of the sort happening (the NY "random searches" really are random for God’s sake!), but this comes at a time when such comments can lead to much mischief.

Considering that Al Gore thinks he invented the internet, I don’t necessarily wanting him to speak for ME.

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