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Hillary’s big problem

Dick Morris is concise. Hillary does better when she is quiet. She is not doing well lately. I am reminded that the other night when President Bush mentioned--in an amusing way--that two of his father’s favorite people (he and Bill) are Boomers the camera panned to Hillary and she was frowning and making faces. She should have smiled or laughed at the remark. Her political instincts are wrong. I still maintain that she cannot be stopped by another Democrat from winning the Democratic nomination, yet almost any Republican will be able to defeat her. She will not become president.

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I pray that you are right, Peter.

Hillary is perhaps counting on the dinosaur media to pull her through.
That could account for the tone-deafness.

But consider the fact that it came awfully close to pulling Kerry through.

Well, with the 2006 campaign season about to break, she isn’t likely to have the luxury of keeping her mouth shut. And immediately following the ’06 midterms, the Presidential primaries begin in earnest. So even if she desired to keep a lower profile, she will be unable to do so. It’s put-up or shut-up time Hillary. Let’s see what you’ve got.

Who are the Republicans running? McCain?

I was equally unimpressed with Hillary’s response. In politics, as in life, you need to pick your battles. A fake smile would have helped there.

Did anyone else hear the late night joke about that? (I think it was Conan?). It was crude, but unlike Hillary, I could not resist laughing.

John, you wouldn’t happen to be a member of the LP, would you?

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