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Jon Stewart, Conservative Sleeper Agent?

I gather there was some kind of movie awards show on last night--I never pay attention to these things--where the host, Jon Stewart, is said to have bombed badly. I confess to being a fan of Stewart on "The Daily Show," and that, since so many college kids get their only news and commentary from The Daily Show, I often use Daily Show clips in the political science course I teach at Georgetown, notwithstanding Stewart’s professed liberalism. I find it is a good way to loosen up students and get them talking in class.

But according to this article, Stewart is doing great damage to the "progressive" cause. Who knew? Maybe I should show even more Stewart clips in class.

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I’m beginning to think the early 21st century will turn out to be like G.K. Chesterton’s novel The Man Who Was Thursday. In which the hero daringly infiltrates the Central Anarchist Council, only to find that all the other members are daring infiltrators too.

I mean, Howard Dean is blatantly an infiltrator. (How daring, I can’t say.) Name me one prominent Dem who clearly isn’t.

That article is one of the dumbest assertions I’ve ever read.

The whole thing is based on a fictional "Joshua Goldberg"! Is he seriously basing his article on the C.V. of someone he probably met in Cambridge?

Plus, he’s arguing that people don’t get into politics because Stewart makes politics look like it’s full of "buffoons and idiots." Well, here’s an idea: Hey politicians! Stop looking, acting, and sounding like buffoons and idiots! Quit making up causes! Quit taking bribes!

It’s not Stewart’s fault that politics looks horrible; it’s the politicians.

Can’t believe this guy actually went to Harvard...

That is about the tops of pretentious drivvle. How about you don’t take yourself so seriously and we’ll consider you human.

I like Stewart. I liked him better when he was skewering Clinton. But I give him credit for guts. He will take on a guest that he doesn’t agree with, and he will take on other sacred cows as well.

Hope you liked it, he won’t be back. God forbid he leads someone into investment banking. Sounds like an old Monty Python sketch.

I don’t know what the critic’s are blathering about. Stewart was allright last night. The real problem was his sense of humor was over the head of that crowd. Let’s face it, most of our A-list Hollywood actors are really not that bright and Jon Stewart’s humor may have been a bit too much for them.

The article incorrectly assumes that liberals / leftists had any credibility / earnestness to lose to begin with.

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