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No more "chinatown" and "projects"

Well, dog my cats! Sanity is returning to the University of Massachussets at Amherst: It is ending segregated housing.

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Could this be the return of sanity? Naw, couldn’t be...must be accidental.

Amazing how this progressive world of academia is finally starting to catch up with the rest of the world.

"Dog my cats, indeed!"

David Mamet would surely be gratified.

’’Students who come to the university need to be exposed to different opinions and ideas. When you have segregated pockets in our residence halls, we are allowing students to shut themselves off, and then they are missing out."

Serious question: Originally, the idea of "exposing" majority students to "minority society" (I don’t know what else to call it) or minority students to "majority society" was based on a presumption that a man’s ethnic background indicates that his experience in the world was different than that of people with different ethnicities. As a result, his outlook and thought about things were different than the standard majority’s. This difference can be valuable in the exchange of ideas. It is more worldly and has more flavor.

I thought (as did the finders’ of "multiculturalism"?) the presumption was not that skin color actually affects the individual, but rather that it only indicates his experience was different (demographics, etc.). Language today seems to imply it is the color itself, and not the experience, that has the value. The trend is disgusting. If it is true, then America was founded on the wrong principles, and men are not created equal. Are men men, or are we merely different breeds of animals unable to breach the constraints of our colored shells?

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