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Gas prices are more than twice as high in Europe, thanks to taxes. Note that most of the article is non-hysterical, offering a market-oriented explanation of high prices. Only one person blames Bush, though I wonder how a nuclear Iraq, together with a nuclear Iran, would have affected world oil prices. And, by the way, I can’t imagine that a nuclear Iran will do anything but push prices up.

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Nuclear Iraq? Yeah like that was going to happen anytime soon. Without Bush’s stupid war I would probably still be paying a dollar a gallon.

You forgot the oil demand of those pesky Europeans, Chinese, and developing nations.

Yeah, but don’t Europeans get cradle-to-grave free healthcare, guaranteed employment and subsidized retirement at fifty?

For all that I’d ride a bike to work. :)

Somebody extremely intelligent said, "Without Bush’s stupid war I would probably still be paying a dollar a gallon."

Well, duh, that happens everytime you fight a "war for oil." :)

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