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Raise Shields Mr. Sulu!

Check out this video, which describes a Star-Trek-like "shield" technology the Israelis have developed that is effective against RPGs.

[Warning to NLT trolls: It’s a Fox News video. You might not be able to handle it.]

Hat tip: Roger Simon.

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I heard about that video a couple of days ago and got pretty excited about it. However, after watching it, it seems that all it consists of is an advanced radar system with a "countermeasure" that destroys the incoming missile. Its not as if there is an energy field that surrounds the vehicle; its rather like a close-in version (and hopefully more effective) of the Patriot Missile System

Did others hear it differently?


Sounds like a land-vehicle-mounted version of the Phalanx anti-missile system the Navy has had for a while. It looks like it is a modification of so-called "Reactive" Armor, but one that renders the projectile harmless (relatively speaking) by shooting the warhead and causing is to pre-detonate. It is definitely worth investigating, but it’s not Star Trek shields. Still and all, it’s an impressive technology to be sure. Hopefully it is relatively simple and robust. If so, we need to buy some...quick!

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