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The Dems Cling to a Wing and a Prayer

Missing from this summary of Ohio as battleground for control of the House of Representatives is any discussion of the power and impact of the GOPs sure candidate for governor, Ken Blackwell. But then, the Ohio GOP hasn’t figured that out yet either, has it?

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The Ohio GOP is screwing up so badly that they are creating a massive problem for the national GOP. If they continue doing what they have been, we might lose Ohio. It would be typical at this point to call for the national party to straighten out the Ohio GOP. But with the Republicans in Washington as adrift as they are right now, under the leadership of a very moderate George W. Bush, who is slavishly devoted to "new tone," such a call would be a waste.

Somebody had better get in GW’s face and dress him down sharply. This "new tone" nonsense has got to come to an end, before it wipes out our majorities.

What would Blackwell have to do with the House races?

Once the Ohio GOP gets a clue and figures out that they can’t beat Blackwell--particularly with the likes of Petro--they’re going to have to join him or perish. When that happens, and the Ohio GOP starts standing for something other than their good ’ole boys, people will not be as easily bamboozled by the Dems.

Julie is right. Either way, the party is going to have to figure something out, because we are now only a few hours away from seeing Blackwell beat the ORP’s favorite son by 20-25 points.

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