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Tony Snow

Tony Snow is the new White House press secretary. I think this is a good move, although, as Hugh Hewitt notes, it must have been a tough one for Snow to make. And yet, Snow did it for the right reason. Good luck, Tony.

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I find it somewhat ironic that someone who has been, at many times, a critic of the Bush administration is now willing to help that very same administration spin the issues.

Then you must also find it ironic that people who weren’t thrilled with Bush nonetheless helped him win re-election.
It’s called "better than the alternative." Happens all the time in politics, kid.

Really? I’d call it selling out.

I also find it interesting that the same media that is attacking him as a conservative turns around and delights in how much he has criticized Bush.

The Hugh Hewitt piece is patently ridiculous.

"I think Tony Snow took the job because he’s a patriot asked by the president to serve in a time of war."

"I admire his willingness to serve, as should even his greatest opponents."

I guess among Neocon armchair warriors like you fellas, Snow’s about to go into battle, but this "willingness to serve" "in a time of war" is b.s. of the first order. McClellan did a good job (by Bush White House standards) of dodging questions and trying to blame every Bush and Cheney failure on the press corps and their darn questions. I’m not sure what else Snow can do other than to give hour-long speeches written by Bill Kristol and then forbidding questions from the press. Or maybe he’ll just shut down the press office and issue statement from on high. Snow isn’t making any sacrifices here. He’s NOT serving in battle. And the kind of criticism that Tony Snow has had for the Prez has been consistently from the right; now, if/when Bush slides further to the right, he has the perfect propaganda man to give him "cover" as he dodges "bullets" from any who dare to question The Manly Decider.

Ahhh ... just love those reporters first, Americans second type of folks.

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