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Blog reader survey results

This story summarizes some of the findings in this unscientific survey, which I think I filled out. You can find their category breakouts here and their analysis here.

One liberal crows over the results here, noting, for example, that:

Outside of academic journals, Democratic blogs almost certainly have the most highly educated audience of any news and opinion medium in the country. This is quite a contrast to the "naïve" stereotype about progressive bloggers. I would take a random sampling of progressive blog readers, with the points, against a random sampling of readers of any established news outlet in any intellectual challenge you can name. Progressive blog readers are very smart, and very highly educated.

Perhaps I’m catching them on bad days, but when I read sites like DailyKos, the first thing that jumps out at me is not the erudition of the commenters.

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Democratic blogs almost certainly have the most highly educated audience of any news and opinion medium in the country.

Remember the kid in highs chool who always talked a big game about how many women he’d been with, how good he was in bed, etc? This is more of the same.

Whenever the Left starts their "we’re so much smarter than you" chant, I can’t help but feel sympathy for them.

Education and erudition do not necessarily intelligence or wisdom make. It is still possible for idiots to get through college thanks to the myriad of irrelevant degrees available in most schools (generally the Humanities departments).

Unscientific to say the least, if we sample the staff of the colleges of management, engineering and economics at my university (a doctorate offering institution), the education level of conservative blogs would be much higher (all Ph.D.s,) versus the democratic blogs (mostly the secretaries). And Chris is right, the democratic blogs are almost exclusively the realm of the non-thinking drones in the humanities, history, political science and the classic "create a field to protect non-productive faculty" departments such as women’s or ethnic studies.

DailyKos readers are very well-educated lunatics.

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