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Machiavelli’s Suit

Nicholas Antongiavanni is a masterful writer, a deep thinker, and a man of wit. It is also possible that his soul is his clothes. Anyway, I got my first four copies of The Suit on Thursday; they were stolen by my friends by Friday. I ordered more, and advise you to do the same. I read into it enough to know that it may be akin to a sartor resartus of our time. It is a replay of
The Prince, chapter by wonderful chapter.
It will teach you style, and you will want it because Antongiavanni so desires it. I am now persuaded by style’s own knight and have become a lover of neckties! The book is an argument for a week, laughter for a month, and a good jest forever. If you lack wit in your mind and mirth in your heart then read it for the sake of power. As Mark Twain said: "Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society." I love this book!

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I used to marvel at the effort my supervisor put into making sure his handkerchief was folded just ever so precisely right. He’s now my boss’ boss’ boss.

Dr. Schramm

A lover of neckties?

Sure, your Adam Smith tie. But in general, neckties??

Suddenly, and with fond memory, I miss Mr. White’s sharp looking bow-ties. Now, that was a man with style.

There really needs to be an edit function on this!

A gentleman’s necktie is usually the only vivid point in his apparel. It is also, in color, design, and in the way it fits everything from his suit to his day, the expression of the man and his taste. His suit demonstrates his tailor’s skill or lack thereof. (As, say in the case of a suit by Sears) It is a
formal object. Expression is limited. While good cut can kindly express a man’s form, it is still stuck with that body within, about which, often, the less said the better. The shirt is functional, and usually, merely a foil. The accessories, yes, like the handkerchief, speak a little, but are not intended to be obvious. But the necktie ought to catch the eye. It is all form and has no function, and therefore, may be a work of art. ">jersey replica yankee ">jersey motocross replica ">custom jersey nfl replica youth ">custom jersey replica ">terry bradshaw replica jersey ">jersey knicks new replica york ">jersey kid polamalu replica troy ">wwf replica belt ">wwf replica belts ">china distributor handbag replica wholesale ">replica aircraft engine ">replica and relojes and restauracion ">custom replica jersey ">replica balenciaga purse ">replica cartier eye glasses ">replica designer fendi bag ">replica gun for sale ">replica gun part ">replica guns for sale ">replica guns sale

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