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Sometimes my students wonder why courage comes first in the discussion of the virtues. Why is it so important, they ask? After an elaborate ruse, the press discovered that President Bush went to Iraq today. Good move.

Update: Here is the Newsweek version on some of the details (ignore the bias), this from USA Today.

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What’s so courageous about venturing into the Green Zone? After Hitler invaded France he tooled around Paris in a motorcar, stopping at the Eiffel Tower and the Paris Opera. Was that courageous?

I’d say it’s more courageous than using a pseudonym to comment on a blog post.

I guess Contrarian is licensed to be a pinhead, a proud member of the cohort that just doesn’t get it, a Bushitler chimp.

I’m not sure a day doesn’t go by that a president musters courage to appear in public, with all the wackos out there. Good grief, if folks found Gerald Ford objectionable enough to try to kill him, you know there are some tin-foil hat types that just need their fuse lit when Bush is mentioned.

Factor in going into a hornet’s nest and I think it qualifies as courge.

Regardless, I think its a great move by the Prez. Show your face in Baghdad as folks remember that Zarqawi will never visit taht city again.

Here’s hoping (praying, too) the new Iraqi government is successful in the new campaign (75,000 troops in Baghdad - Iraqis securing Iraq).

Besides, Hitler was in France.


French suicide bombers? Come on, Contrarian...

Dammit, Mark posted just as I did...

I’m not saying not to read it, but here’s an interesting tidbit about Newsweek’s bias: Zarqawi had a recent copy in the house where they got him. Interesting.

That IS interesting! And, if Gonzalez and his buddies are tracing my computer activity, they will find hours of blogging on NLT!

He was just making sure his work was paying off; checking to make sure more violence equals less support for the war. I said in a post on another thread, the reason there are no car-bombings in the Mosul area (a former center of the insurgency) anymore is because the media has pulled back almost entirely into Baghdad (this according to troops in the area interviewed by Robert Kaplan a couple months ago). The insurgents know they can’t beat us militarily so they are purposely trying to break our will to fight. This is why President Bush’s trip to Iraq was a good thing (that is, if you think we can and should win).

What does GWB got that I ain’t got?

In the army Courage comes last among the virtues(although they are called Army values). Courage comes last and is reborn as Personal Courage, in this way it makes the P for the Acronym LDRSHIP (Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless-Service, Honor, Integrity, Personal Courage).

In any case courage is necessary for Aristotle, because it takes courage(or resolution of will) to make the changes in habits required to achieve the other virtues. Without courage we can look up to heroes(or ethical examples of the fulfilled/actualized/happy/wise man...and simply shrug since we all know that will never be us...we can discuss virtue but we can’t implement it.

In any case no one I know has made the claim that Hitler’s chief fault was cowardice...(althougth I could make that claim on the basis of his worldview that sought to shift blame upon the "other" for what ailled germany.) But it is quite possible and altogether likely that in some regards Hitler was a Courageous man. In fact without courage neither extreme of virtue or lack thereoff may be possible. Saying that Hitler was Courageous doesn’t lessen his evil...So Contrarian, perhaps Hitler was Courageous...on the other hand perhaps we agree...I don’t think Bush’s most courageous act by any stretch is visiting the green zone...It would probably take more courage to visit Yale, and he is an alumni!

In any case Contrarian didn’t come out and say that Bush was doing so Tom unknowingly gives him credit for too much courage on the one hand and to the credit of Contrarian puts words in his mouth.

Here is my beef with Contrarian...why Hitler and not Stalin? Stalin is equally evil yet gets so little air time that one would think a true contrarian would plug him at every opportunity...

I can’t decide if Bush is being more courageous now than he was when he was chasing down...err...HUNTING Viet Cong in the jungle during his manly youth.

And you wonder why so many of us consider you a troll...geez.

It would have been funnier if you’d said Charlie, but I’m sure Michael Moore would still get a chuckle out of it.

I considered using "Charlie," and an even more manly ethnic slur for them, Andrew (Braun?). Sorry I let you down there, but I try to remember this is a family (as in Family Values (TM)) audience.

"Bushitler chimp"! That’s funny.

I’m not sure what the Iraq equivalent of the Eiffel tower and the Paris Opera are, but I am sure that Bush will not be visiting them anytime soon. Is that a testament to Iraqi courage? French cowardice? Hitler’s courage? Bush’s cowardice?

Maybe we should worry more about Bush’s prudence than his courage. (In reply to Hal Holst, prudence trumps courage when it comes to pseudonyms. How many death threats have you received lately?) The more Bush appears in "public" with this new government, the more the rest of the Muslim world will realize we have set up a Quisling regime.

John Lewis makes an interesting point regarding Stalin. When I turn on the History Channel I never see newsreel footage of Stalin tooling around any of the dozens of countries that he crushed. I wonder if he did.

"What does GWB got that I ain’t got?"-Bert Lahr comment #11

Uh, let’s see.........hmmmmm...uhh.....

now.......yes! yes!......

Testicularity. By Jove!

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