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And Now For Something Completely Different

The. Best. Music. Video. Ever.

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Hey, eat your heart out, Michael Jackson! Pretty use of treadmills I’ve ever seen. How much practice, do you figure?

I don’t even need to view the video, since the competition is already judged and over: Robert Palmer’s "Simply Irresistible." It’s even got a reference to "natural law" in it (along with the black-dressed guitar-"playing" lovelies). For Kate, it’s a contemporary exposition of the power of female beauty on the male psyche.

Yes, indeed, the first time I saw "Simply Irresistable" in 1987 or 88 (whenever it came out) (I knew it was going to Number One, which it quickly did. The one I linked to above has a deep inside hidden joke--I was figuring Schramm would watch it and ask, "What are those things they are walking on?"

Personally, I think this might be the best parody song ever. The video is decent.
Best parody music video ever.

Yes, Paul, a very contemporary exposition.

The treadmill one is great! I have to listen to music to keep moving on a treadmill, and sometimes it feels like dancing, but never ANYTHING like this. These guys did "A Million Ways to be Cruel" which was also pretty funny.

Put some Mozart or Duke Ellington over that video and you’d have something.

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