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More and more sober voices are saying that Hezbollah--not Israel--is the real loser of the recent war. Amir Taheri makes the case in the Wall Street Journal, and Michael Young makes a similar argument over at Reason.

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The other day, I was watching Brit Hume talk with Fox reporter Jennifer Griffin about the video of the kidnapped Fox News guys. Supposedly, according to Griffin, Hamas "officials" are outraged by this kidnapping. Why? Well, one official was blunt when he told Griffin, "We don’t have F-16 fighter jets, all we have is the media."

In this sense, Hezbolluh won big. I think they virtually solidified support amongst the useful idiots out there, by standing up to the little satan Israel.

p.s. Neither Griffin nor Hume seemed to understand the fact that this Hamas guy was essentially thanking them for their continued willingness to be the terrorists equivalent of fighter jets in their war with the West, btw. I almost gagged on my supper. :roll eyes:

I’ve been following Taheri’s writing for the better part of the last three months (mostly from and have come to find him to be clear, concise, and very informative. He seems to be one of the premeir minds on the Middle East and I take his opinions very seriously. He is definetly worth watching closely as the situation continues to unfold.

An interesting commentary, but I’m afraid ultimately not of much use. Demonstrating that intolerance cannot be traced to Mohammed is about like demonstrating that enriching oneself is against Jesus’ teachings -- true but pointless in current circumstances.

Yeah, Israel lost this battle...but not to Hezb’allah. Israel lost to Condi and the fwench...and Israel beat itself with its incompetent start-stop-start-stop leadership, unable even to get food and water to some troops. BUT, rather than claim victory, Hezb’allah needs to thank the Great Satan and the Land of the Burning Citroen for saving its...ahem...bacon.

"We don’t have F-16 fighter jets, all we have is the media." A truly pyrrhic media victory indeed. The MSM shed its credibility as if it were a flaming burqa.

Dain, what were Mohammad’s last words. If you’ve forgotten, allow me to bring them to your remembrance: "I have been commanded by Allah to fight the unbeliever until all men confess there is no God but allah." Now how is it that you could suggest that such a man, with such a track record of blood and carnage, rape and pillage, is insulated from suggestions that intolerance can be traced directly back to the misguided founder of that fallen dominion.

I think you desperately need to get a clue about the life of Mohammad, about his endless raids and ambushes, about his continual resort to the dagger to solve disagreements, and to the bloody swath that his followers have carved throughout their 1,300 hundred plus year history.

Do you know that Mohammad had nicknames for his swords, names such as "ripper" "killer" "heart-plucker?" Perhaps you should spend time consulting the primary sources about him, his life, his message, his endless wars and, in short, his degenerate existence. Basing your take on him and his "religion" upon politically correct tracts is most unwise.

Dear Anon, I mistakenly posted this belongs on the thread just before this one. Nonetheless, I’m not saying the Mohammed was a nice guy...I was saying that trying to demonstrate that was rather pointless. Doesn’t really matter at all...Muslims aren’t going to change their spots at this late date.

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