Strengthening Constitutional Self-Government

No Left Turns

Brookhiser’s Summary View

Richard Brookhiser puts it altogether in the compass of his latest column in The New York Observer. Short, but worth reading twice.   

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Honestly, Steven, how do you negotiate with that? This is like an extension of the "Gloomy Hawks" post that just slid off my screen. The security/freedom issue just gets nastier with each imiginative attempt to hurt the West. Why do I even say "the West" when they are here, among us, the "the West"? And how do we prevent the next thing, which is just the next turn in someone’s imagination?

It reminds me of my son’s, then the new Marine, comment when airport security had to worry about my circular knitting needles going on to a flight. After security allowed them, I mentioned how easy it would be for me to use the thing as a garrot. At which they threw up their hands and suggested I not mention it again. But when I told my son, he said the only way to prevent anyone smuggling anything harmful on board was to make everyone fly naked after cavity searches. Which would make for very interesting flights, but was not really the thing. Even then, all you need is someone trained as even minimally was, in killing with his hands.

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Oh my. That was "hit and run" this morning, and I am sorry to have messed it up. It was David Warren this morning, and as gloomy as can be.

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