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Lieberman’s defeat

You can read about it here, here, here, and here. Democrats clearly don’t want Lieberman to run as an independent. But if Lieberman continues to poll well as an independent, what’s to stop him? Lamont received around 144,000 votes. In 2004, Christopher Dodd received over 923,000. In 2000, Lieberman received 828,000 votes. Surely the general electorate in Connecticut is not as intense as the primary electorate. Can Lamont really expand his appeal that much, running against a proven vote-getter and campaigner like Lieberman?

NRO has a symposium here.

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Nope, Lamont is doomed, and so is his State party. What losers! If the Republicans are smart they’ll strongly support Lieberman (in a stealthy way, like at the polls). The fact that the GOP candidate isn’t anything special should be a further inducement.

Does anyone know the last time someone who lost their party’s primary in Connecticut won their race for Senate?

My guess is Lieberman wins in the General as an independent. Dems shouldn’t have wasted their resources on the Lamont race.

Just wondering if this development could open the door to other Dems to leave the party and join Joe as an independent? Seems to me that Joe isn’t alone and if his campaign is victorious we could start to see a move away from the current state of increidble partisanship.

The CT state party is not doomed. They will lose the Senate seat to a liberal independent, but that’s it.

It could very well be a race between Lamont and Lieberman, but that would mean a race between an Independent and a Democrat in a state which have voted democrat. Lieberman is most likely to split the Republican vote, with the Republicans unable to put their full weight behind him. And if Lieberman does win among Republicans, it simply proves that the Democrats were right to elect Lamont instead.

Still, I have to admit that the best Democrats could hope for is to keep the seat; then again, at least it would be filled by someone who votes with Democrats.

I do apologize for the bad grammer in that first paragraph... me not have yet coffee.

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