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Can you believe this stuff is called "news"? But as long as it is, I can’t resist a comment. Brad Pitt won’t marry Angelina Jolie until "everyone" can marry. Gee, Brad . . . that’s a very convenient and socially forward thinking excuse. Except for one thing . . . everyone already CAN get married in America IF they get married to someone of the opposite sex. Angelina must be really gullible if she’s buying that one; particularly since it’s coming from a guy who once commented (just after marrying Jennifer Aniston) that he thought monogamy was "unnatural." But I guess a girl who once thought it was o.k. to wear Billy Bob Thorton’s blood around her neck in a vile is probably open to lots of stupid ideas.

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Just another hollywood couple spilling garbage...if he really cared about the state of the family and marriage in America he would have married her BEFORE they had the baby...

Hear, hear, Lori. Aptly noted.

Kudos to Brad and Angelina...I hope they marry soon.

Not everyone can get married to a member of the opposite sex - my first cousin is really hot, but . . .

Sigh...marriage is a social institution...the act guarantees certain rights and responsibilities that are enforced by the state. Conservatives at least should stop using the "personal rights" language to discuss marriage...of course it has restrictions. It should, and it must.

I agree with dain, it should and it must have restrictions, I just don’t think the restrictions regarding gender should be included. I certainly don’t think Brad speaking out and taking a stand for marriage equality is "barf" worthy. We all need to move to the center on this-- gay people are not going away, and they deserve the same rights and respect as their straight counterparts.

News items such as these distract us from a steady focus on the other earth-shaking news of the day - OSU v. Texas.

Steve, thank you for the reminder of why I am so glad to have moved away from Columbus. No one really cares if William and Mary wins or not - just a pleasant game wearing a sweater for a few bucks admission. I’ve seen enough "Buckeye" rooms in people’s homes to last a lifetime.

I think the correct term to use in this article is "vial" not "vile," although the act was indeed vile also.

Tony - What you describe could change if W&M starts winning regularly. The crowds will become both crazy and self-protectively ironic. It happened at my small college one year. They beat even Denison. For the occasion, we put together a mock marching band.

Speaking of bands, the paper reported that a donor (not even an alum) contributed $225,000 so that the OSU marching band could go to Austin. They were not otherwise budgeted to do so, or so the University claimed.

Steve - W&M did win some big game a year or two ago (????) in some conference, and people were definitely abuzz and excited for a few weeks. Nothing wrong with that. But then people once again resumed their normal lives without college football as the center of their universe or those flags waving from their cars.

One theory: the "courageous" stand on marriage is a screen dreamt up to take "highbrow" media pressure off Pitt and Jolie’s collapsing relationship. (The tabloids have not yet been affected by the mirage.)

Why is their liberal stance a mask for their bad relationship? You have some inside information James, or just bigoted speculation?

I object to the criticisms of Buckidolatry on this thread. It should be off limits to attack the majority religion of the largest city in Ohio. Buckidolatry is also one of the major religions in the state of Ohio, attracting almost as many adherents as Christianity, and waaaay more practitioners than Brownsism or Judaism. Buckidolatry has the additional merit of inflaming regional particularlism, thus strengthening federalism and regionalism; this should be a goal near and dear to all conservatives, even followers of dark, left handed paths like Wolverism, Longhornism, Trojanism, and contemporary Episcopalianism.

Some might object to the comparison between Buckidolatry and more traditional religion. All I can say to that is, "You’ve obviously never lived in Columbus."

I guess that’s one way to look at it, wm. Actually, although I found it all terribly annoying, it freed up every machine at the health club and the best seats in the coffeehouses for a very peaceful, quiet, and relaxing Saturday reading while everyone else was watching "the game."

Advantages of Buckidolatry: (1) there was virtually no traffic in Columbus last evening, though we heard sirens soon after the end of the game; (2) since 40,000 fans were in Austin, and since many others hold their own entertainment-centered vigils, our favorite pub closed early, and we were forced to discover the great ribs and pulled pork down the street; (3) according to all accounts, Longhorn fans behaved themselves with good cheer and grace when confronted with Scarlet and Gray (in contrast to the reverse last year). There is no question that this news will shame local fans and repair their souls.

I don’t this Buckidoltry any different than the hyperfanism one finds in other schools all over the country (say, like Texas, Alabama, Michigan...)? Isn’t it really the new tribalism...people gotta have something. Kind of sad when you look at it that way, though.

dain - wm’s post makes a worthy contribution to political theory, but then you compare Buckidoltry to Michigan!!?? That would be like mixing up Democrats with Whigs.

Yea, but at the meta-level, hyperfanism is hyperfanism. Michigan, Ohio, Texas,’s all the same thing. "Dah Bears" It suggests that "nationalism" really isn’t sufficient for many people’s identity needs.

OOpps, mea culpa! I’m elevating this into a discussion of philosophy and sociology. Go, Buckeyes (or ’Horns, or Wolverines, etc.!

I used to live in Athens, Georgia. Buckidolatry is tame compared to the enthusiasm I encountered there (and in much of the rest of the state) for the Dawgs.

I have heard that the South has much to teach us about football lunacy...

The day of my wedding was the happy one and the marriage that followed is also very god - why shuould gays be denied these things?

As for Angelina and Brad -they do not have good marriage record - three failed marriages between them. It is kind of dishonest of Brad to make this gay rights smoke screen, when the odds of break up with Angelina are very high. No wonder that Brad and Angelina are not marrying - most gay unions are likely to last longer than Angelina’s relationships.

Girl, etc.: gays should be denied marriage because it is a SOCIAL institution. Marriage doesn’t exist to make people happy...they could live together with the scrap of paper if that were the sole purpose of marriage (and millions do). Marriage is meant to regulate inheritance, paternity/maternity, and gender relations (as well as a few other things). That means that marriage is a social tool, and we confer it only when there is a compelling reason to do so (as is our right...when problems occur in marriage these partners rely on social resources...they call the cops, they suck up court time, they expect inheritance laws to be enforced...and so on). In short, marriage confers rights and responsibilities which are enforced by the rest of us. Gay marriage fulfills very little of the social purpose of marriage...and so it shouldn’t be condoned.

I meant to say "live together WITHOUT the scrap of paper"

Dain, really, I hope you are not married - because the way you view that institution is really depressing.

My wife shares this view...our marriage is public, or emotional bond is private. I assure you, we are happily married.

Who are these people...this Angelina and Brad? I’ve never heard of ’em.

"Can you believe this stuff is called ’news’?" Yes, I can. As long as people click on the stories, read them, link to them and pass them on to others, and one can’t even escape such tabloid trivialities at a high-minded blog like NLT, then "this stuff" will persist. The worst part is that the comment above mine can immediately be recognized as sarcasm by anyone with a pulse. If only one could actually wonder if Anderson were serious!

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