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Mac Owens thinks that defeatism in Iraq is not warranted.  

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Mr. Owens is mistaken.

Mac always says intelligent things and then backs them up.

There is a lot of good food for thought in there, a few mischaracterizations, but hey it is a conservative blog afterall. As a liberal, who by the way does not claim to speak for other liberals, I’d like to put forth the following: 1. We do indeed need to see Iraq come to a sucessful conclusion and 2. Bush and Co. appears incapable of doing what is needed to bring that successful conclusion about.

OK, Abbie, fair enough. So, what would you suggest?

Dain, let me answer Abbie’s question for him:

He should micro-manage the war. Yeah. That’s the ticket. Micro-manage the war. Kinda like. Hmmm. LBJ!

When are we Republicans and other conservatives going to realize that the critics of the war are really criticizing the colonels and generals on the ground? They are saying the names Bush and Rumsfeld, but the tactics and strategies the libs are criticizing are, in fact those of the commanders in the field, not the President and not the Secretary of Defense, but they cannot criticize the generals and colonels, why, that would be unpatriotic. We support the troops now bring them home! Less troops! More troops! A time table to get more troops in but then get them out by year’s end! Make the Iraqis stand up faster so we can sit down faster! MAKE THE SUNNIS AND SHIITES FIGHT TOGETHER! Now there’s a good one. And how, pray tell, do we do that quickly? The answere is we don’t. We do it slowly, carefully and methodically. One doesn’t turn a bunch of ancestral enemy tribes into a band of brothers over night. When the terrorists fear the Iraqi military as much as they fear the U.S. military, we can the borders of Iran and Syria...not to Okinawa.

Mac’s article gives a very good account of the purposes served by the several U. S. military campaigns. We all tend to be victimized by the short perspective afforded by journalistic accounts, and this article gives a clear overview. Mac also cites Seth Moulton, who points out that the U. S. has fallen into an `enclave’ formation, not unlike the (dare I say it?) French in Vietnam. So the article isn’t all peaches and cream.

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