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Lieberman vs. Lamont

This is amusing. The New York Times a story page A15 this way: "Ned Lamont, who this week chastised Senator Joseph I. Lieberman for his public rebuke of President Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal, wrote to Mr. Lieberman at the time praising the eloquence of his speech on the Senate floor." Read it all.

The front page story on Lieberman tries to focus on the "tricky path" the Senator is walking because (it seems) no one is on his side, no party organization, no labor support, no field workers, etc. The voters seem to be siding with Lieberman, and I think the tricky path is being taken by both local and national Democrats.

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It would be amusing if it were actually accurate, but take a look at the actual letter (scroll down just a bit to see it). Clearly, there was at least as much, if not more, chastisement and disgust in the letter (for how the issue spiraled out of control, with Lieberman’s help) as there was faint "praise" for the "eloquence" of Lieberman’s delivery. To spin this into a huge contradiction and shift in Lamont’s outlook is just silly.

I think there’s a greater contradiction to be found in the cynical support that Lieberman has been getting from those who were just as pleased as punch with their "Sore Loserman" taunts and bumper stickers in 2000. (And please don’t make me remind people how Lieberman was never seen as the most stellar half of the Gore-Lieberman ticket - he got a lukewarm reception from most Gore supporters, at best; many were just puzzled at the choice, but shrugged and carried on supporting Gore)

We’ll see what Conn. voters decide, though. Right now, the race is quite close. I’m rather unimpressed with both candidates.

Craig: Everything you say is both true and sensible. Lieberman has always been imperfect, even when he first ran, decades ago, against a liberal Republican (he’s name is now justly forgotten). Politics means choosing from a limited number of alternatives.

Thank you, Craig, for pointing out how that liberal MSM flagship distorted the facts in favor of liberals.

Rasmussen polling sucks--trust it like you do Bill Clinton.

Lieberman defeated the RINO of all RINOs, Lowell Weicker, back in 1988. I remember the National Review writing that year, "If God is a Republican, Bush [senior, of course] will win and Weicker will lose."

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