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Sen. Chuck Schumer, who controls a $35 million Democratic election fund, didn’t give a dime to help Sen. Joe Lieberman fight back against anti-war challenger Ned Lamont, federal records show. Schumer will not be the only red-faced Democrat when Lieberman is re-elected. Lamont will be lucky to get about 40% of the vote.

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There may yet be practical reasons why Schumer and his fellows are pi**ing on Lieberman. One may not like Schumer (I surely don’t), but he is not stupid. I can’t divine the antiLieb strategy of the Schumer crowd; can anyone enlighten me?

I have no inside knowledge of Democratic party processes, but it probably isn’t necessary in this case.

Schumer’s support for Lamont is really pretty simple.

One, he and other Democratic senators know (better than the Republican leadership) that it isn’t smart to anger your party’s main source of energy. And those people support Lamont.

Two, Schumer and most of the party leadership are to the left of Lieberman. Lamont represents their views very well. They would be perfectly happy to see a senator even more liberal than Lieberman.

As for Senate "friendship," it’s meaningless to true ideologues, and Schumer, I think, is one.

Sen. Lieberman ought to say to Schumer........

Ver derharget, ech hob dir in drerd und kush meer in toches.

Ned Lamont? "A shvarts yor".

On those percentages, from your lips to God’s ear and the CT polling places.

You can always fix such voting problems like this.
Such a handy bit of information!

wow, kudos to Dr. Schramm for a gutsy prediction. At first it seemed Lamont would roll, but the liberal energy has really gone out of the campaign. It seems that the left-wing already won by proving they control the Democratic party, so they don’t care as much now. With the liberals already feeling vindicated, Lieberman might just hold on.

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