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Mozart cancelled

Is art "falling on its knees before the terrorists" in

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The disputed scene is not part of Mozart’s opera, but was added by the director, Hans Neuenfels. In it, the king of Crete, Idomeneo, carries the heads of Muhammad, Jesus, Buddha and Poseidon on to the stage, placing each on a stool.

Peter, this production might be offending me, too. Not that I will be sending any death threats, or anything. However, I do not see that Mozart would have applauded the director’s additional scene, nor that we should. There is another photo here
from a 2003 production. Perhaps the current production is more "tasteful," if that is possible.

In reading a synopsis of this opera, I consider that perhaps the point is to make Idomeneo the most total apostate, ever. This one of those "modernist" additions, or,(for all I know of it) maybe "post-modernist" accretions that glorify the director’s sensibilities over that of the composer.

No, we do not like to see Germany censor on behalf on Muslims who offer threats, but it would seem a kindness to Christians and Buddhists not to produce this, Hans Neuenfel’s version, of this opera at all.


You miss the point. It is not the scene that really matters. What matters is that this whole story is added proof that the terrorists are shaking the nerves of the West, without actually killing anyone. I might even go so far as to say that because of this, the terrorists are achieving their ends. Think of it. The West is shaken, because of something the West did. This German Opera House has the performance scheduled, and because they were scared of the terrorists’ reaction, they canceled the entire thing. Not only is the time of the actors wasted, but the very idea that the terrorists are not getting the better of us is shattered. If I were a terrorist, I would be rejoicing. Not because I will not be offended now, but rather because I know that my enemies are shaking in their boots. I am NOT a terrorist, and I do not like saying the terrorists are winning. But I think this is proof that they may very well be.

Stop being so politically correct that you don’t want to "offend" anyone. Judging by your final statement, no one should ever say Merry Christmas in public; no Christmas trees can be sold by public companies; no signs displaying any specific religious theme can ever be displayed. All those things would be a "kindness" to the other religions. That is complete, and utter, madness.

As I said, stop being politically correct and start seeing the larger picture.

Undoubtedly there will be a great influx of German thespians enlisting in the military as a result of this. Do they have a "don’t act don’t tell" policy?

Oh, Christopher Stone! You make a humorous spot in an otherwise very difficult day! To be called politically correct, when all of my extended family accuse me of holding brutal right-wing political views. Oh! They say, "Aunt Kate, you are so sweet. How can you promote the war and be so intolerant?" (and that on a nice day) and I say I am as feminine and sentimental as anyone alive. Your comment proves it.

Obviously, I am not clear above. I am offended as a Christian over the severed head of my Christ on a chair. I say "Merry Christmas" all through the season and even "God Bless you," all year long. I wonder, if it were not for the terrorists and the jihad, would we think this was a good thing?

But think of it; the poor German people must pay for this production, as it is government funded (which gives them the censorship rights) and they must also fund churches with mandatory tithes as part of their tax system. Hence, they must financially support religion AND an opera production that trashes religion!

No, as I said in my last paragraph, (see above) to see Muslims, today, win this on the basis of "offense" is offensive, yes, as part of the larger picture. But really, what did Jesus, or even Buddha, do to deserve this treatment?

Uncle Guido, I hate to ask a jokester to dissect his material, as it kills it. And I am even laughing in my incomprehension, but what did you mean?


Thespians rhymes with...?

"Don’t ASK don’t tell" "Don’t ACT don’t tell"...?

OHHHH! And I did laugh, and do still, while typing.

Now I am aching to remember the legendary political smear that made the same play on the word. It was one of my father’s favorites and lurks in my mind-y mists. I am searching the Internet, but must be butchering the phrasing.

I support our opinions with this by Roger Kimball, found through James Taranto. I liked it appears we have moved on to pre-emptive capitulation. or rather, I do not like the idea, but see the truth in it.

I also read that Angela Merkel will not allow this to be cancelled. I suppose this is a triumph of sorts, but to quote, "Oye."

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