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Spain needs help

Spain is asking Europe for help to stop the surge in illegal immigrants from Africa. "In August alone more migrants have arrived than in all of 2005, the government said."

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A socialist government reaps what it sows. Justice is served, and will be served again if Spain’s voters throw out the leftists in the next election.

Justice? Quite right. I recall this from last year, on the BBC were these pictures of an elaborate fence system at some border crossings to Spanish territory on the Moroccan coast. And this
which might help explain why boat people to the Canaries might be a continuing problem.

Now you folks be careful. The PC piety police there at Ashland will slam you as kluxers or some such nonsense any minute now. Don’t you know that only liberty and market capitalism make any real difference in society? By what right do the Spanish want to restrict this movement of individuals making free choices!

Where’s El Cid when the West needs him?

Just to screw with you Dain... Bernard Lewis says that the Anti-semitism of the modern age actually arose in Spain as a result of problems in assimilating the immigrants...(jews and muslims)

"The process of change began in Spain when large numbers of Jews—and also Muslims—were forcibly converted to Christianity. With a forcible conversion there was inevitably some doubt, especially among the enforcers, as to the sincerity of the converts. And this doubt was well grounded, as we know from the phenomenon of the Marranos and the Moriscos, the sometimes dubious converts from Judaism and Islam. Thus the practice arose of examining the racial origins of the so-called new Christians. We even find statutes in 16th-century Spain about purity of blood, la limpieza de sangre. Only people who could prove Christian descent for a specified number of generations could be accepted as genuine Christians. “Purity of blood” was required for certain positions and certain offices.

This is where the racial form of anti-Semitism began. It was systematized in Germany in the 19th century, when for the first time the term “anti-Semitism” was invented and adopted."

Well, I don’t think I can blame the Spanish too much for that, John. The Reconquista lasted 7 centuries...the Muslims WERE invaders, and the Jews had (by all accounts) helped the invaders (thinking they would get a better ’deal’ than from the Christians). Bitter fighting...atrocities on both sides. How many of us would do as the Spanish did under similar circumstances? And how many of us would show tolerance for groups that tried to disinherit us? It’s human nature, pure and simple...unfortunate, but reality nonetheless.

I pointed this out in another thread, but one of the best books you can read on Christian/Muslim/Jewish relations in Medieval Europe is Sea of Faith. I’m actually reading about the early Reconquista right now (King Alfonso VI just retook Toledo). The Spanish were actually pretty tolerant at this point, just as the Muslims were before them. In both instances those that didn’t share the rulers’ faith were subject to discrimination and higher taxes, but there was freedom to worship as they chose. Aparently it wasn’t until the Inquisition that things got really bad. Considering the climate at the time (the Muslims had marched into central France a couple centuries before) I don’t think the Spanish could be blamed for a little xenophobia.

"Christian/Muslim/Jewish relations...." Seems pretty clear in retrospect, the muslims tried to establish their caste system in Western Europe and were stopped cold, then ignominiously ejected off the continent. No tears to be shed for that either.

In the course of the vast emotional and psychological effort to fight off the muslim invaders, then to purge their ill-gotten bridgeheads from Western Europe, a fixation on religious and ethnic purity resulted. Which was to the Jewish people’s misfortune.

The muslims tried to conquer Europe. They were fought off. And now, as the demographic invasion shows signs of early success, it’s natural to see radical muslims carrying themselves with a disagreeable swagger. Which is why we’re seeing the gang rapings, the beatings, the threats, the knifings, the killings and the bombings.

That’s all part of the establishment of that caste system that was fought off 600 hundred years ago.

I must confess to being confused why the Spaniards of all people would allow muslim immigration into their country. Bizarre. Absolutely bizarre.

Only the Left could have devised something so utterly brain dead.

It’s nothing less than the post-modern repudiation of the Reconquista. It’s the Left’s ULTIMATE display of their contempt and hatred for Christianity, and for Europe’s Christian roots.

Anon, WWII took it out of the Euros...they swung from overweening aggressive arrogance to overweening passive arrogance. Moreover, 50 years of ’multicultural’ education and being under the American defense umbrella made them weak sisters. In a nutshell, the Left has been encouraging cultural (and now demographic) extinction to gain remission of ’sins’ against humanity; that feeling of moral superiority is more important than survival, after all. Nevermind that the Euros simply acted as all people have when power comes their way...the Left has elevated their normal human weaknesses into the terrible stain of Original Sin, for which European civilization must die.

They aspire to more than the assassination of European Civilization. At the heart of Europe existed a culture, a cult. And that cult was Christian. What we are witnessing is a Parthian shot delivered by the Left, just before they go over the civilizational cliff. And that parting shot, that arrow tipped with all the heresies and poisons rampant since the Reformation, just might be the final killing blow. They’ve always despised Christianity. But being unable to actually destroy Christianity, despite their best efforts, {I see the NAZIS and the dictators of the international proletariat as but brothers in carnage}, they’ve now resolved to destroy the greatest legacy of Christianity, namely, Europe, and the idea of Europe, the essence of Europe, and even the very future of Europe. They’re really sickos. They’re zombies, complete with the stench of death and clad in burial shrouds, and with their pale hands, they reach out towards us, the living, to drag us living into the darkness and joylessness of their eternal sepulchres.

This is serious shit.

Ponder for a moment all the high courage of the Spanish conquistadors, who set their lances towards their foe, and pressed home the attack. How many times the Spaniards of yore retreated to their high mountain fastnesses, desperately holding out for a time when they could take back their country, and drive out the savage, drive out the foreign god, the false prophet, the false and fallen dominion. To them, it must have appeared nothing short of the apocalypse, that they were living out the bloody chapters of the Book of Revelations.

Grasping a hope beyond all hope, riding to battles when they were outnumbered, alone, without friends or allies willing to take the field, nonetheless, they pressed home their attack. And after centuries of war, of carnage, they prevailed.

And now, their degenerate descendants take the fruits of such hard won victories, and deliver them over, not just to any enemy, BUT TO THE VERY ENEMY they spent tears and blood driving out.

Truly, truth is stranger than fiction.

This isn’t normal social engineering, this isn’t normal foreign policy. This is the stuff of death. This is the essence of death, this is a fore-sip of the decay and corruption of the tomb. It’s suicidal. It’s nihilistic. It oozes death.

It is the very worship of death. And death they will have.

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