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Kerry says he apologizes to no one for his criticism of "the President." The White House is attempting to distort his statement, or his "botched joke." Yeah, Kerry, you botched it. He says he’s "not going to be quiet now." God, please, someone make him be quiet. Republicans, he says, are afraid to "debate real men." Hey John, you arrogant fool: when you’re in a whole . . . stop digging. Or, alternatively, keep it up. You’re a gift to our side of the fence!

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In 2002 it was the Wellstone memorial service, and in 2004 it was Osama’s election eve speech...

Is this the 2006 version that, once again, slaps the voter upside the face with the reality of just who these dolt Democrats really are? Nah, not this time, folks, the GOP still deserve to lose control of congress.

I hate to say it, but John Kerry is no asset to the Democrats. He’s well-spoken but he can’t even agree on a message with HIMSELF! I’m pushing for Al Gore.

Yeah John, stop digging that whole! Whatever that means.

Jokes are only funny when they are partially true. Bush himself demonstrated that a person can BOTH be a mediocre student AND avoid combat.

I think it is amazing that anyone could try to deflect the impact of kerry’s comment onto Presedint Bush. If Kerry would only take responsibility for his gaffe the whole affair would probably fizzle out. Instead he is trying to turn it into some sort of politcal coup for the Dems, which is only going to aggravate the situation. Can you say "STUPID"?

Go ahead, defend Kerry. You only prove what Republicans are saying about Democrats. You can’t trust them to defend us.

"Jokes are only funny if they are partially true." Yes . . . that’s why even Kerry admitted that this was a "botched joke." This guy wouldn’t know funny if it slapped him in the face like Laura Schlesinger wants to do.

What Kerry did was not funny. This is funny...and more than partly true.

"Go ahead, defend Kerry. You only prove what Republicans are saying about Democrats. You can’t trust them to defend us. "

Exactly. GWB spent Vietnam .....where? Cheney spent it .... where? Kerry spent it ..... where?!

Dr. Laura wants to slap John Kerry in the face? That Laura Schlesinger? She must have gotten over the shame of having those naked photos of herself all over the web! Another family values soldier for integrity!

Guido, that WAS funny! Come to think of it, Bob Hope spent more time in Vietnam than George Bush did.

But enough about Kerry . . .

Where are all of the valiant Democrats -- those pro-military, pro-national security, anti-Socialist paragons -- denouncing what Kerry said?

I think this is all much more telling about the Democrat party and leadership than it is about John Kerry. We already knew what he was.

Of course they may not have let Pelosi come out of her safe house yet . . .

Why denounce what he said? It has already been addressed. He intended to make a joke about Bush, and there is no reason to apologize for or denounce that intention. And, it seems that you would admit that even Kerry is not clumsy enough to think that the joke that emerged would be funny or appropriate. AFter all, Kerry DID fight, and the words that came out were NOT funny.

So, he tried to make a joke, and it came out wrong. Good grief, if Bush apologized for every time he slaughtered a line, we would do nothing but apologize.

I’d rather talk about Mark Foley and Dennis Hastert, or maybe those thousands of missing weapons in Iraq. Anybody apologized for THAT? Any Republican/warriors apologizing for the fact that thousands of American-made weapons are most likely being pointed at American soldiers? That REALLY isn’t funny.

we would do nothing

Of course, that should be: "he would do nothing..."

I am so sorry. I regret my error. Mea culpa. My bad. I am not now, nor have I ever been an associate of George W. Bush. I apologize.

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