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Waller R. Newell (I never called him that) conclusively and chillingly demonstrates the debt Ahmadinejad indirectly owes to Sartre and Fanon, in which he resembles no one more than Pol Pot. Read the whole thing.    

Hat tip: Tom Cerber.

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Yes, and having read a little Bernard Lewis, over the years, the point of this article comes as no surprise. Yet, "taking him seriously" means what, exactly?

These ideologies have similar symptoms, like when you have a flu virus that resembles a cold virus, except that you have a fever with it. You still can not do anything about the virus itself. You try to contain the symptoms and last the misery out. Politically, what else will we do about this but deal with the sneezes? Ooops! Sorry. I mean "surprises." Genocide through nuclear weapons is designed to bring about the happiness of the Year One for all of us. If ever there were a cause for pre-emption, this sounds like it. Is it likely? Ha!

Once again, the bloody fingerprints of Fanon’s thought.

Once again, the bold political engineering of religion that Islam seems particularly vulnerable/amenable to, as anyone familiar with Malcolm X’s full story will recognize immediately. (Malcolm’s full story isn’t in his Autobiography--you gotta check out the Malcolm parts of Taylor Branch’s Pillar of Fire.)

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Islamofascism is an amalgam of theology and modern (radical) ideology. Any ascribed status (religion, ethnicity, language) can latch onto these virulent worldviews to create unique (and yet familiar) strains of violence and hatred. Look at the Nazis, or the Serbs, or the "liberation theology" of Latin America. People are GOOD at this.

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