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Kerry, the New Wellstone?

Was Kerry’s bone-headed comment the Wellstone Funeral moment of the 2006 campaign? One NLT commenter thinks so.. Already lots of bloggers are mentioning that it must be another Karl Rove Jedi mind trick. Mark who??


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This mid-term election cycle has reminded me a lot of the 2002 election. Tom Daschle was so sure he’d gotten all the right ducks in a row on that one. The polls (Gallup, Zogby, everybody) had pegged the Dems to win big right up to, well, the Monday before election day. USA Today ran a frontpager on that day, suggesting a surprisingly late GOP surge... and I’ll never forget that picture of Daschle, slumped down on a chair muttering to himself, "This is the worst night I have had."

But let’s face it, as bad as Kerry’s insult on the military was, Democrats talk like this all the time! These guys insult our military effort as a matter of pure intent and policy position. It’s nothing new. It is who they are. And they have a lot of Americans who embrace them 110%. And that ain’t gonna change for a long time, certainly not now.

But here’s the big difference from 2002 and now: Bush’s approval numbers were in the mid-sixties (no pun intended) back then, and that was enough to overcome the vast media spin that gathered against the GOP right up to election day in 2002. Today he’s got a palty 38% approval of the American people. I am not at all sure that sort of GOP deficit is enough to overcome even the worst possible insult any Democrat could hurl, even while standing arm in arm with Osama bin Laden himself. There are just too many Taft, Delay, Katrina, Foley, Abramoff and "macaca" scandals out, people.

It’s simply time to let the Democrats run the show for a while.

I’ll add one more thot on this Kerry matter... if a Republican had said what Kerry said, they would’ve been forced to resign from Congress by 10am this morning.

That’s something I actually admire about Democrats. They don’t rollover like so many Republicans do... they stand and fight and never, ever apologize for nuthin’, no mater, no how!

Hell, if we had these guys on our side those damn terrorists wouldn’t stand a chance in hell itself. Pity that we don’t, eh?

I have been an independant since both prezs and Westmoreland lied to the american people about what was going on.

Dems are not against the military, they like me are against the worngful use of the military and the lives of our troops for the Bush war machine and the manipulation by the Bushies/ neocons/ theocons and corporatocracy to wage an illegal war based upon lies. vIn other words the Dems are against the stupid, costly and wasteful use of war and our wonderfully brave troops just benefit a few corporations and the Bush/Cheney families.

The use of troops MUST always be the last alternative, used only after the diplomats fail to do the job we, the taxpayers, pay them to do.

War benefits no one, only those who have too much testosterone and no brains, like most white southerners.

When war is the only alternative left and has to take place then ’we the people’ who send our troops off to become part of the death machine of chickenhawks like Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld they must be sent in sufficient force(Gen. Shinseki) to guarantee the safety and success of our troops. We must equip them properly for the task. And finally the troops and their families must be properly compensated re their future livelyhood and all necessary medical care.

And that is what the Dems want for our troops, they offer their lives, can we do no less.

Just look at what your repub friends have done.

Oh just another point. A repub strategist was asked, what if Kerry won? The srtategist answered that it would be no problem because they owned him also.

Look it up.

And that is why Kerry said what he said, he was and is still owned so he said what they told him to say. Now you have to ask yourself who ’they’ are. Remember this was a repub strategist who said this.

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