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Is here. Wonder what Chairman Conyers would do?

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Impeachment can’t be that horrible a thing, considering how low the standard was set during the last decade.

In any event investigations should be welcomed by the Bush Administration because so many Americans believe they have violated constitutional statutes. Leaving that unexplored will just confirm the charges in the minds of the left... oh hell, in MY mind.

They’ve done nothing wrong, have nothing to hide - how could it hurt to prove it?

I think that an effort to impeach President Bush would end up discrediting those who attempted it, which I think would probably be a good thing. But it would also potentially distract the Bush Administration when there are plenty of threats out there to which they should be paying very close attention. In the end, I think I’d rather be safe than entertained by the meltdown of the netroots.

Ah, but I’ve heard the producer of PATH TO 9/11 suggest that Clinton was distracted by, among other things, the impeachment procedings, and therefore he missed the chance to knock out Osama Bin Ladin.

So is your position that Kenneth Starr caused the deaths of those 3,000 people?

It irks me, as a TAXPAYER, that these folks have nothing better to do with their time and our money, than work on impeaching a man who cannot be elected again. Just another example of how out of touch those in Washington are. I think we need a new, "common sense" party - repubs & dems are all the same!

If you consider that there are two more years left in Bush’s term. And the Democrats would need both houses to impeach him anyway (not impossible now). And if they could impeach Bush, they could impeach Cheney too, easily. Then Madame Speaker would become the new president, and two branches would go to the Democratic party.

Come on, folks. The point of all this talk of impeachment and of "Chairman" Conyers is just a Republican attempt to nationalize the voting decision in closely contested districts. Your vote is a vote for Speaker Pelosi!! (Cut to voters gagging.) At least in 1994 Newt had a program. At the moment, many Republicans seem capable only of loud clapping for reckless spending and even louder clapping for the current administration’s every move, which they think is the only thing standing between us and the downfall of Western Civilization. I wonder: is what Federalists sounded like in 1800?

Assuming Democratic control of the House (and I don’t think it’s at all clear one way or the other), there will be no attempt to impeach. Relax. And relax about renewed oversight: that’s part of what legislatures do, contary to what we’ve seen lately.

Attempting to impeach Bush would be a Godsend! Man, bring it on. The GOP would really wrap up the entire government for at least a decade. As far as I’m concerned, win or lose, we win!

And another thing, if the Limocrats won, we might get to witness something extraordinary...a Bush veto!!

Steve Sparks, as far as the "Revolution of 1800" and the present day are concerned, it’s not an accurate comparison. The Republicans have yet to actually complete a realignment yet. It will take a victory this election plus probably winning the presidency in 2008 to really seal the deal. Six years of a Republican government is nothing like the FDR government or the 40 years of Democratic Congress that followed.

And as far as this talk of impeachment goes - no wonder no one trusts the Democrats with security! Everyone knows that’s the one [and pretty much only] major goal a Democratic Congress. Oh, of course they’ll implement all the 9/11 Comission’s recommendations right away, because that’s so easy to do over night in a huge bureacracy. The Republicans have practically handed this election to the Democrats, but they’re so completely lacking on genuine ideas on how to do better that they’re still having to fight for control. It’s bad enough that the Republicans are making it so easy for the Democrats, but it’s even more pathetic that the Demos can’t pick up the ball and run with it.

Pelosi and Conyers will not see their day in the sun! The GOP still rules!

Every Bush voter in the country is going to get a personalized letter in his mailbox within the next few weeks, telling him that Democrats want Al Qaeda and black people to take over the country. In fact, the letter will mention that [insert candidate here], the Democratic candidate in the local House race, is a personal friend of Osama and Saddam.

Well, Anony, you’re trollish comment is a bit over the top...but in a sense perfectly true! Thanks for the contribution.

Andrew - Using the realignment analytic apparatus for 1800 doesn’t seem right to me, given the state of parties at that juncture. Anyway, I was referring to overheated rhetoric: what the Federalists, or some of them, said about Jefferson’s unfitness, his sympathy for the French Terror, etc. I grant that no analogy is perfect, and this one may not be worth much.

Gotcha. Nevermind.

"Paging Sally Hemmings!"

Clinton said impeachment didn’t distract him from his obsession with Osama--he would have been just as feckless without impeachment.

Actually, the only time he really tried was during impeachment--we should have impeached him early and often!

Noel is for impeaching the President.

Yes. President Ahmawackjob. And President Asod. And President Chubbez.

Clinton never should have been impeached for pawing the hired help or the countlesss work-a-day felonies it spawned. He should have been impeached for handing China our ICBM MIRV technology.

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