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Newsweek reports on an interesting, though perhaps overdone (?), development in Christianity: a movement called GodMen. The premise of the group is similar to that of the Promise Keepers, but with a twist. They want more respect for masculine/male nature. They view the Promise Keepers as a bit too feminized--i.e., part and parcel of the thing that is driving men away from Christianity. It could be a useful development . . . but it seems to me that it will be difficult to keep it in check. Perhaps, however, it will be more worthy of the effort.

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Is the Lord calling on us to attend monster truck rallies now?

Much of the feminist left attacked the Promise Keepers. I don’t know what happened to this group, but the basic idea seemed sound to me. And it certainly attracted some good enemies, which is a very important political datum, one that I think is often decisive. Quibbling at the margins about the Promise Keepers’ message or style is secondary, probably tertiary.

David: Didn’t mean to appear as if I were critical of the Promise Keepers. In re-reading my post, I see that it could be read that way. I did not mean that GodMen were more worthy of the effort to keep them in check than Promise Keepers--I was just trying to be cute and wink at the gals out there who know what I mean about keeping men in line. I meant that GodMen might be more worthy of the effort than most other kinds of "manly" guys. Sorry for the confusion.

Promise Keepers is still around, though there events are much smaller now. Where once they filled football stadiums, they now hold rallies in arenas. They announced a total attendance of 132,000 at 18 events during 2006.

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