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This study from the National Bureau of Economic Research concludes that Fox News had a small but statistically significant effect of voting preferences in the 2000 election. The summary says, for example, "The researchers find that Fox News significantly increased the Republican vote share for Senate, by 0.8 percentage points."

Of course, as everyone in the MSM is trumpeting right now, Fox News’ ratings are down sharply--perhaps a harbinger of the election? (Interesting that we hear a lot when Fox News’ ratings are falling, but no so much when they were blowing by CNN and MSNBC.)

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The reason their ratings are falling is because they’ve retained fewer good looking women. Whatever happened to Heather Nauert, et al?

Right you are, Dan. As I often say, it isn’t called the "Fox" network by accident. And let me tell you, it’s not just the on-air talent either. Having been on Fox News a few times in both New York and Washington, the entire backstage production staff is also very fetching.

There’s your problem! Let’s swap O’Reilly with one of his easy-on-the-eyes interns. And to be fair and balanced, Alan Colmes aint exactly George Clooney either.

I wonder what will happen to their ratings when everyone finds out they knew about Foley last year and buried the story.

Seems to me that Fox has fallen away from being what they were perceived to be years ago: a hard hitting rebuttal to the LWM.
A friend of mine remembers an article Fox did showing how the Feds screwed us on taxes.Nothing more like that. And a year ago they did an hour on what we’ve accomplished in Iraq (which was a follow-up to a brief 6-7 minute segment they did a few years back on Fox News Sunday). Nothing since then. They seem not to be able to really get out the other side of the news.
And as such, guys like me spend time on the internet for our news.
And I don’t even bother with Greta van Sustern. Months of coverage on Scott Peterson? Months on Natalie Holloway? There are NO other cases in any court in America that have significance? But, I’ll always stop when Andrew Napalitano is on or being interviewed. Why not replace van Sustern with Judge Napolitano?
And when Fox is covering the same "bleed and Lead" news articles as CNN, well...

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