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Some people are saying the Nork’s nuke test was a dud, while others wonder whether the Norks were testing a suitcase nuke. Whatever it was, Karl Rove’s October surprise sure comes at a good time for the GOP. Mastermind Karl must have slipped some mind-rays in the Diebold machines we sold to Kim Jong Il.

Before we get back to the 24/7 Foley scandal, don’t miss Robert Kaplan’s great piece on what might go down if and when NorKo collapses. Could be ugly. See also Fred Kaplan in (no relation to Robert? I don’t know), who is also pessimistic.

While we await further developments, time to go back and watch this movie.

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Talk on the left-wing blogs is that the test was the result of excessive sabre-rattling on the part of the administration. In other words, Bush goaded North Korea into becoming a nuclear power and then refused to negotiate with them. Whether this meme spreads into the the undecideds and so on remains to be seen. Some October surprise!

Of course, how could I forget, it must be America’s fault! Just like Hitler’s invasion of Poland was the result of "excessive sabre-rattling" on the part of England and France.

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