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As news arrives of yet another potential Republican disgrace in the House (Homes Raided in Rep. Weldon Influence Probe, at least we can find some solace from P.J. O’Rourke in What’s That Smell? GOP Stinking Up the Joint.

Meanwhile, the often surprising Post columnist Richard Cohen notes the oddity of the Foley scandal: "To change anything at all about the Foley matter would be to trifle with its essential vacuity, its reliance on bigotry and ignorance, its resplendent Beaver Cleaver qualities (congressional pages, for crying out loud!) and, not the least, the fact that so far this is the ultimate Washington sex scandal: There is no sex."

The other interesting news concerns the Norks. Did you see the squib yesterday that China is building a hefty fence along its border with the Norks (Memo to Bush and Frist: At least someone believes in border fencing!). Perhaps China knows something big may be about to happen.

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Leave it to P.J. to tell it like it is:

There is also the problem of issues for the Democrats to run on. You’re going to elect Democrats to control government spending? And you’re going to marry Angelina Jolie for her brains. The privacy issue--government spying on U.S. citizens--isn’t going to work. True, NSA has been collecting all our telephone information, but anyone who’s answered the phone during dinner knows that every telemarketer on earth has that information already. Illegal immigration? When the Democrats were in charge, the illegal immigrants were from al Qaeda. And as for Iraq, the best the Democrats have been able to do is make the high school sex promise: "I’ll pull out in time, honest."

"the fact that so far this is the ultimate Washington sex scandal: There is no sex."

The same could be said about the internet sharing of kiddie porn, but that doesn’t make either one of those transgressions any less distasteful. I don’t know why I would want to advise any of you at this point in the process, but it seems to me that the more you try to spin the Foley scandal, the longer the muck continues to swirl about the surface!

So, no interesting news from Iraq by any chance? Everything still going smoothly there?

Must every post on NLT reference Iraq? Apparently so. Methinks Mr. Scanl,on fits Churchill’s definition of a fanatic as "someone who can’t change their mind and won’t change the subject." (NB: I’ve written down on a piece of paper how I expect Mr. Scanlon to respond to this; let’s see how well my predictive powers are.)

Guess what, Hayward- the reason that unpleasant subject keeps being brought up is that it’s a HUGE, AWFUL, AND UTTERLY POINTLESS MESS and it’s your idiotic president’s fault. (Yes, I realize that a number of spineless Democrats voted to give Bush the OPTION to use military force, but they didn’t dream up and put into action the horrendous debacle this has become). Thousands and thousands of Americans wounded and killed, HUNDREDS of thousands of Iraqis killed, billions and billions of dollars, and for what? What have we purchased at that extraordinarily high price?

Now, I don’t know what you’ve written down (and what it would prove anyway, since no matter what Craig writes will probably be what you "wrote down"), but I predict YOUR response will be something along the lines of "We have to fight them over there so we’re not fighting them here, Democracy takes a long time to build and it’s not going to be perfect over night," and a bunch of other crap that you can’t possibly believe deep down.

Oh, and dain will probably pop up to insist that Saddam actually DID have WMDs and that he was just about to nuke the U.S.

Steve, Cohen isn’t saying anything revealing except that he is at the head of the MSM/Dem line. They all know what he says is true (at least so far, after an awful lot of efforts to dig up at least one real incident).

As of Election Day, the Foley scandal will be turned on its head, led by the media and their Dem shills. Hissing will be replaced by "compassion" for this "gay American."

The left is now married to the homosexual revolution and will not abandon its own, even, or especially, when it involves a conservative Republican who has come out of the closet.

Foley has done much, much less than NJ Governor McGreevey (by McG’s own account in his book), who abandoned his wives to do his gay thing. Foley too will come out of detox and begin his "recovery" appearances on Oprah et al. and gain strange new respect.

Do you think the possible next speaker of the House, Ms. Pelosi, who has marched side by side with NAMBLA advocates in SF parades, is in any position to attack homosexuals who prey on boys -- except as a tactic during election cycles? Not a chance.

Cohen here is simply ahead of the curve by a month or so. The MSM and Dem faction in Congress will all be following him soon enough.

You tell ’em, Phil! Chimpy sure got us in a mess!

I think we should surrender to al-Qaeda, don’t you? Better to do that than to let Bushitler rule over us!

Mr. Hayward - here is my response for you to see "how well [your] predictive powers are":

So, I’m supposed to write my response and then you’ll impartially and honestly compare that response to what you wrote down on a piece of paper at your desk and let the good readers of NLT know how accurate you were? Hmmm...something seems just a bit off in that plan.

Something tells me you’re employing the same predictive powers in your analyses of global temperature trends (who says I can’t change the subject?).

My prediction was that the response would be something along the lines of, "Can’t change his mind??!! How about George Bush and Iraq." See Phil Thompson above: close enough for the door prize I think.

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