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All honor to Lawler

Yup, he got it right, for the right reasons. He’s also right that some of the close losses (Virginia, especially) were avoidable.

I’ll buy him the alcoholic beverage of his choice next time I see him.

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All honor to Lawler

Yes, that about sums this election cycle up: All hail the conservative prognosticators!

Hey, happy now?

Thanks to Joe and Peter, although there’s nothing wrong with their partisanship skewing their social science a bit. As I said before, all is not lost; the voters remain more cons. than not. I even think the adversity will bring the best out in the president. But we need an admirable, principled, astute leader in 2008. (Romney, for the record, was hurt by virtually not campaigning for Rs in his state this time; I’m not sure what calculation was involved there.) McCain is sounding good on TV, but isn’t he too old and too unreliable? And I guess it won’t be Allen or Santorum.

Yes, he was a heck of a lot closer than the three NLT regulars, but he only took guesses on 3 governorships, and he was wrong about one of those, Erlich. And it looks like even HIS Senate forecast was too optimistic (for you guys).

The one to be admired here, by far, is not the one who correctly points out the patient is ailing, but rather the one who can correctly diagnose the ailment and prescribes the correct medicine. In my opinion, nothing DeWine did, for instance, was cause enough to replace him with a Sherrod Brown. The defeat of men like Talent, Santorum and Allen are further examples of this egregious salve the American people have chosen for themselves. Additionally, it was the GOP House who stood down the Bush-led Senate on immigration, yet Bush and the GOP Senate was able to change the direction of the SCOTUS in an historically and decisively conservative direction. And, finally, the unemployment rate is standing at 4.4%, folks, due to Reaganesque tax cuts!

So, did the GOP deserve this defeat (mere setback) as punishment to cause them to search their own hairy navels? To me this is a bit like trying to fix the weather by breaking the thermometer.

If you like the way things went last night then I suggest the Right keeps doing everything the same.

The Democrats didn’t win as much as the Republican party lost a huge hunk of the government.

What DeWine did was alienate almost all of his base. His NRA rating was an F. An F!!! Brown’s was a D+ !!!! He did the gang of 14 crap, he just loved being posturing John McCain’s amen corner, but - gee go figure - the New York Times occasionally writing nice things about you does not wash with Ohio Conservatives! I voted for him but he deserved to lose for being a damn fool surrounded by horrible advisors. Brown is worse, he will be a disaster, but let’s learn the right lesson. Let’s remember what a lack of principle and backbone looks like next primary time and elect someone who doesn’t value the Washington Post’s opinion more than ours.

bye bye mikey: Yes, yes, and yes, but.... we’ve got Brown now, and he’s young and we might have him for a long time.

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