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I have to agree with the always sagacious (if not always right) Mr. Hanson that it’s really stupid for Allen to make a big deal about Webb not shying away from portraying immoral and even repulsive human behavior in his novels. Consider what the Allen campaign could do to candidate Flannery O’Connor. Webb is a strange, confused, and somewhat dishonest candidate in real life, and Allen deserves to win based solely on Webb’s actual, not his fictional, record. We have to admit that Webb would be the best novelist serving in the senate.

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Fields of Fire is a tremendous book, and is no more perved out than it needed to be.

Nevertheless, some of the other stuff seems rather more perved out, and Webb has some ’splainin to do.

James Webb resigned from the Reagan Cabinet because Ron was going soft on shipbuilding. For twenty years he would not shake John Kerry’s hand. He wrote a book in praise of rednecks. He opposes women in the service academies, and probably in the line of the Navy at all as well. He is now running in a party whose platform on the war is "something, anything, besides what we’re doing now", that ran John Kerry for President two years ago, whose base uses ’redneck’ as one of its fiercest epithets, and is the principal supporter of expanded combat roles for women.

I agree on the ’splaining, but I need to be convinced on the perving.

My first thought, Peter, on reading the Allen excerpts of Webb, was "Think of how awful this procedure could make Walker Percy look, particularly from the great Thanatos Syndrome . Man, Allen badly I can’t even convince my dear wife, no liberal she, to vote for him, and so I’ll be trudging to the polls for the sake of cancelling out her vote.

Carl is right. If I lived in VA I would be trudging very slowing...

I agree that Fields of Fire is a tremendous book but in all honesty, Sen. Joe Biden wrote a Democratic plan for Iraq. There were letters written to Bush in July, September and October in which they urged him to push Iraqis to reach a sustainable political settlement and disarm militias and hold an international donors conference for reconstruction.

It’s dishonest to claim Dems haven’t offered a plan.

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