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Jeepers, Knippenberg must have had an extra bowl of Wheaties today.

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Nah, just trying to keep up with Hayward, who will, I’m sure, an extraordinarily fine Thanksgiving repast.

Which leads me to the question: stuffing or dressing? Made from wheat bread or cornbread? Inside the bird or out? And finally: what kind of pie(s)?

On a related subject: what sorts of wine will be consumed in Chez (or is it Casa?) Hayward on the day?

I will eat whatever fine fare my lovely wife provides as long as I do my duty of carving the meat. Then, we shall feast as did Charlemagne, Sir Gawain, and Beowulf. I will only eat my dear mother’s pies with homemade crusts - one pumpkin, one apple.

Dr. Franklin was wrong - the eagle is majestic while the turkey is a juicy delight.

Today, I dealt with a peck of Northern Spy apples and another of Stayman Winesaps, the first for pies and the second for applesauce. The last jars of the latter are just in my canning pot sealing themselves, right now.

We have a big family dinner at my mother-in-law’s house. Each contributes something, and we all work in the kitchen on the day. It is a happy chaos. We get the biggest turkey we can find and Ma stuffs it with a meat stuffing of ground beef, veal and breadcrumbs, some years with chestnuts, some years without. It is her own recipe, and glorious. The founder of the family was Italian, so there will also be lasagne. Highlights are the homemade Italian bread, these spinach-cheese things one niece makes that are a marvel, enough mashed potatoes that if that was all anyone wanted to eat, there would be enough.

This year, I am to marinate olives and garbanzo beans. I roasted peppers, but my sons came home from college and ate them all already. I am also to bring today’s homemade applesauce and cranberry sauce. For the last many years I made the pumpkin pies, but have handed that off to my daughter-in-law, and can make apple pies and a raspberry, instead. The berries are from our bushes, the last picking before the frost, and frozen for this week.

We feast in a multi-cultural delight. This is where cultural diversity has real purpose, at the table.

Since Wine came up, might I suggest to go with your Turkey (with apologies for suggesting something from France):

Philip Le Hardi is a nice red of the Pinot Nior varietal from the Burgundy region. Moderately priced too I might add.

Kate, I hate to disagree with you but lasagne is really a Christmas dish. A huge bowl of ravoli is an acceptable course for Thanksgiving.

Tony, I can’t help the family traditions, established before I showed up. There might be lasagne at Christmas, too, if we are expecting just about everybody. ("everybody" is a big number.) Christmas seems to demand an auxiliary ham with the bird. This is because the family gift exchange takes at least 3 hours, and sandwiches are mandatory after that event. Otherwise, the meals are very similar.

Either way, enjoy!

To each and all: you guys and gal are making me both hungry and thirsty! Happy Thanksgiving; family cheer and appropriate sentiments - gratitude chief among them - to all!

Yes, Paul is right!

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all, for though the times are challenging, and the international scene darkens, we still have much to be thankful for.

And one thing more.

Steve has oft regaled us with tales of his dinners, well, when are we going to get invited over....AND WHEN is that second volume of his Reagan biography going to be published. By the way Steve, the recent shellacking the GOP received prompted me to go back and reread Volume I, it is truly one hell of a book!

It’s a tour de force, an absolute tour de force.

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