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We already know that red wine is good for us, but the more we know the better it seems to get; it does more than we thought (same with grapes and peanuts, apparently). Also explains why the French have fewer heart attacks (and live longer?). But I bet it doesn’t explain anything about the pre-wine Neanderthals.

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Do we know that Neanderthals were a pre-wine culture? There is really nothing sophisticated about making wine - the yeast that coats grape skins makes fermentation almost inevitable. It is as if grapes were created to be fermented, which is an argument I use with tee-totaling Christians: if God made grapes to ferment, well, who should I trust, God or Dr. Welch? Wine is natural. Grape juice more than a few days old that does not ferment is very unnatural. So, Neanderthals might have had wine. Not that I would like to drink the wine of the Neanderthals. Please, make mine Bordeaux.

This study might indicate how to keep the old age induced by wine-drinking more interesting. Who wants to live longer in a befuddled state of mind?

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