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Yuval Levin on Stem-Cell Politics

This is easily the most judicious and informed account of the politics of the stem-cell controversy that I’ve read. I would say more but I’m out the door to the Bioethics meeting at the Hamilton Crown Plaza on 14th Street in Northwest DC. You’re invited tomorrow and Friday!

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So, the human embryology textbooks that state a human’s development begins at conception are really stating an abstraction.

Is it really that hard to comprehend when our science tells us otherwise. Everywhere in science, the evidence states that life begins at conception or, if you rather, after conception and when cell division has begun, but that is a rather minute point and is a admition that the entire notion of abortion as being practiced today is truly the killing of an innocent life.

Yes, stem cell research opponent’s positions have been distorted by the proponents because this is a proxy debate for abortion and those that support abortion, which includes pro-choicers, have to do such things and take such stances for they realize that, in time, abortion’s state today will crumble as it rightly should.

What irks me so is the fact that very intelligent, learned men and women stubbornly refuse to see the scientific truth that abortion is utterly wrong.

Instead, they, more often than not, resort to ad hominem attacks, invective, and attempt to smear opponents of abortion and embryonic stem research as being religious nuts.

Peter - Enlightening. Thanks for posting this article.

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