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Today is of course Pearl Harbor Day--except it’s not, really, an official "Day" in the same sense as Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, etc; Franklin Roosevelt vetoed a bill passed during World War II on the grounds that we should not memorialize in that fashion the "Day of Infamy"—and the Los Angeles Times brings us the story of what is being described as the "final reunion" of Pearl Harbor survivors. I suspect it won’t literally be the last one; some of these fellows are quite vigorous souls (I know one slightly, the founder of this academic center), but the Times is right to brong our attention to their dwindling numbers.

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Wonder how long it will be before the "last veteran" of September 11 dies?

Our enemies are going to return to New York City. They just told us to accept islam or we’ll "vanish" from the earth. Hardly a week goes by where they don’t describe our demise in a manner that calls to mind some atomic detonation. Every week they’re making incendiary remarks, supremacist and genocidal remarks. They’ve made so many, so frequently, that now they hardly raise a ripple in the Western media. They make the most blood curdling and dreadful statements when supposedly they don’t yet have the bomb. What are their remarks likely to be when they do have the bomb, what shall they say when they’ve clandestinely placed several nuclear devices into some of the muslim ghettos in Western cities. How confident shall they be when they’ve effectively rigged London to blow. They’re already insufferable to any American with a scintilla of regard for national honour. How insufferable will they be standing behind nuclear ramparts.

We should have made an end of that sick regime a long time ago, and I fear we shall pay, shall pay dearly for our pacifism, and our post-modern indulgences. And New York City and Washington will pay most of all.

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