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Happy Birthday Peter

It’s Peter Schramm’s birthday. I won’t say which one, in respect of his tender feelings on the subject, but I will allow as how it’s one of those significant ones that ends in a Zero.

My contribution to the birthday fest was some schtick, along the lines of: If "Peter Schramm" were a Jeopardy answer, what would the question be? Answer: "What is a cross between Jackie Gleason and Aristotle?" (500 points!.) Or, alternatively, you might say that Peter Schramm is what happens when you send Fred Flintstone to graduate school in political philosophy.

Peter may think that it is cruel, unkind, and inaccurate to call him fat, but let’s put it this way: when Peter steps on a cigarette, that sucker’s out.

Happy birthday Peter.

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Peter, happy 30th birthday!!! I’ll drink a nice scotch tonight in your honor.

Happy 80th birthday!

Ad multos annos! Come clean: What farkles are you honor of your.......?0th b-day??


Happy birthday, Peter!

I’ll bet you’re tender after Steve’s roasting.

Boldog szuletesnapot!

I hope it is the correct term.

And may you have many more Dr. Schramm

Happy Birthday Peter! I happen to know which one, but won’t share. I will share that you happen to have the same birthday as my lovely wife.

Joe has a 30-year-old wife?!

Birthday? They celebrate your birthday for three weeks in Ashland these days Dr. Schramm? I thought it was the 23rd. Oh well, another reason to raise a glass and perhaps give a Schrammism quote. Health and happiness professor.

Happy Birthday, Peter!

Is Steve right? If memory serves his birthday is the 23rd. He always complains how he was cheated out of birthday presents when he was a kid because his family just merged birthday and Christmas together for him.
Actually he still complains about not getting enough presents. And Schramm falls into that rare category of Fat men: The “good looking fat man” just ask him, he’ll tell you.

I’m tempted to note: they mock because they love. I’ll restrain myself and add a hearty "many more, Peter!"

It IS on the 23rd. They celebrated it yesterday in the Center because nobody will be on campus for his actual birthday.

Hey, Jabez, please e-mail me--I’ve been curious about your whereabouts.

Late Happy Birthday, Peter. Glad you’re alive too, from all of us....

Steve . . . not to insinuate anything but . . . I’m not sure a cigarette in your path has much of a chance either!



But I can still cross the finish line in a 5K road race, as I did last Saturday morning, in under 30 minutes (my benchmark for my middle-aged circumference). And afterward I tripped and apparently broke a bone in my foot. No running for me for a while.

Where’d I put down that donut?

Yes, happy birthday, Peter. Anyone who relishes life the way you seem to deserves as many birthdays as he can get. Watch out for black ice this winter, though. As George Washington famously advised, "no foreign entanglements," like telephone poles.

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