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It’s Probably Too Much to Ask, But . . .

Wouldn’t it be nice if stories like these reminded American feminists of what real dangers to women’s rights look like?

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Yes, Julie, that would be nice. Unfortunately, the only thing that unites the Left (which includes most feminists) is an abiding anti-Westernism. And, of course, historical ignorance.

Dain, I accept your opinion but that response doesn’t make much sense... if the left is so anti-western, wouldn’t we be drawn to stories about India?

And Julie, is your premise that feminists should be quiet about conditions here because they’re even worse elsewhere? Because that’s exactly my argument for abolishing the FCC decency rules.

No, Daniel. My point is that the differences between what women suffer under Islamo-fascism and what women "suffer" here can’t even be measured with the same stick. The conditions there are not just "worse" than they are here--they are entirely different. We are no where on the same scale.

Julie: agreed. Though I hope you agree that there is still room for improvement here.

There’s always room for improvement in anything human. So what? I’m not for some grand national movement to improve the lot of women, if that’s what you mean. I rather think that what is needed is for more women and men to take responsibility for their own happiness or lack thereof. I don’t believe women in this country, as a group, are victims of anything. Except, perhaps, of feminists.

"I don’t believe women in this country, as a group, are victims of anything. Except, perhaps, of feminists."

Exactly correct and to the point. Thank you, Ms Ponzi.

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